If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Travel Journal: Working with a View

10312435_10200987005436974_5935242868467010129_n10460730_10200987145720481_927543207861473713_n10406357_10200987505969487_8447003061089871092_n10322621_10200996604796952_4013992959493487056_n10246861_10200997648583046_4173181886787937481_nWih all the cool kids in the morning at the Boulder Res! #prsfittricamp #prsfit #triouradventure

It's pathetic, but I am not even taking photos. All the photos above are courtesy of Coach Jeff.

But why? Because I have been working my ass off. Hell, all of us have. Any quiet time we have at the lodge, we are ALL napping like preschoolers. Seriously, if you walked into this house mid day, it would be full of snoring triathletes sleeping EVERYWHERE like cats.

Am I complaining? Hell no. This is how it should be. Along with climbing hills, and swimming among the triathletes out at the Boulder Res, there have been spectacular views! Just breathtaking (or that might be the altitude).

To be honest I can barely see what I typing right now. Tomorrow I go and get to hang out with Mirinda Carfrae at the Boulder Res, along with a swim session in the morning up in Estes Park, followed up with a trail run in the Rocky National Forest.  

Again busy. But thank you for messaging me with encouragement to keep up with my travel journals. It may not be till Monday (when campers go home), that I will be able to sit down and really bring together everything that is happening. So many amazing things, crazy car rides, laughing till you cry, new friends, **sigh**, I love tri camp :)