If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Travel Journal: THURSDAY RECAP

ABM_1402666252.jpg To find out I was only minutes from a friend, I absolutely had to stop for hugs and pictures! With 3 boys and a bun in the oven, this girl has got it together!! Thanks for letting me visit!! You are sweet and adorable and a beautiful person!! #triouradven ABM_1402626633.jpg IMAG1287 IMG_327315221357067 ABM_1402622454.jpg IMAG1290

Highlights from Thursday to and in Ohio:
Finished my drive to Ohio.
Met a FB friend in real life in Fort Knox.
Stopped by The Waverly Hill Sanotorium (scariest place on earth) to find locked gates *sad face*
Visited with my dad for a little while.
Ran a 5k with Aunt Cheryl. Placed 2nd in age group. Woo!
Mom’s birthday dinner with family and friends.
Ran into a friend from HS at La Fiesta.
Jake escaped the garage and played a little game of chase (story to come…).
Strawberry cake and discussing ass zits and droopy eyes with my mom, grandma, and aunt.
Camping in my grandparents back yard.