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Travel Journal: GOBA Day 2

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Wrapped up last night with a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, “Rumors” and strawberry pie.

Woke up this morning bright and early to ride to Coshocton. A pretty decent headwind today and a fair amount of hills. About 1,900 feet of climbing (less than yesterday, but after yesterday, I can definitely feel the hills in my legs...). The neatest part of the day was probably riding along the Holmes County Trail which is a shared bicycle and Amish buggy trail. The buggies do tear up the road quite a bit so they have a designated side and the bikes have a designated side. The trail was flat, fast, and gorgeous!!

Breakfast: Applecreek, Waynesdale HS (boiled eggs, sausage, and fruit)
Lunch: Millersburg (where the beautiful Amish ladies prepared us pulled pork and creamed chicken while the men ~and horses!! churned ice cream.
Snack: Blissfield (mmm, more boiled eggs)
Pitstop: an Amish home for some Snitz (like a fried pie only the inside was apple butter. Holy YUM!). Chatting with the Amish women was so fun. What a simple life! 

Arrived in Coshocton and got an 800 yard swim in at the little aquatics joint (I know, it’s not much, but it’s all I could get in in the 15 mins before the kids were diving back in. It’s better than nothing!!). We are currently preparing for a storm to roll in. Locking down the tents and getting the bikes covered... 

Mom and I have set up our "office" in a baseball field dug out.