If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Travel Journal: A Unicorn

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  1. My view from bed this morning after I rolled over for 2 more minutes of sleep from my 5am alarm, only to then wake up startled at 8:34. Yeah, totally missed that open water swim. Sue me.
  2. Spent the morning watching Coach Jeff out of the corner of my eye, pound out training logs. The long weekend with campers set him behind, was interesting watching him work like a madman, and randomly sing songs that made absolutely NO sense.
  3. Unicorn. Coach told me to go swim. Which was a reminder I left my swimsuit at the YMCA, where I went and they didn't have it. So I had to go shopping (Mark is gonna kill me. Sorry, but I did get some cool things for our new digs in JAX Beach). At Urban Outfitters I found a little girl getting a unicorn mask. Her mother was having her take a picture, I then asked if I could take one because my knitting group has a thing for unicorns. I miss my knitting ladies…
  4. Since I dropped some dough on a new suit (which I couldn't find a training one, so I bought a "cute" one. A 2 piece! OMG!), I worked on my tan after getting in my OWS at the Boulder Res. Kristie, I promise to high heavens that I was covered in sun block, so I really don't know how much of a "tan" I really got.
I spent the rest of my day driving back up the mountain to CASA PRSFIT, where Coach and I hit up Ed's Cantina (Again, the place is BOMB). We talked about training and drunken nights with Bruce Willis. Also kinda have Coach half talked into coming out to Spain to do Ironman Barcelona with Lisa and I next October… You thought I was kindling when I brought that up didn't you? Its happening.

Lesson Learned: Bruce Willis likes to party HARD.