If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Healthy Habits of a Triathlete #7: BE SMART


Final thoughts from your favorite coaches: BE SMART.

There's no secret message in that. Just BE SMART!

Smart: very good at learning or thinking about things. Showing good judgement.

This includes determination, consistency, nutrition, sleep, rest & recovery, confidence, and positive thinking. It also includes listening to your body, asking questions, educating yourself, and being in the proper equipment (and fitted properly ~bike ~shoes).

More tips to BE SMART:
1 - train progressively
2 - don't ignore or avoid your weaknesses
3 - recover properly
4 - consider how you will stay motivated
5 - stay hydrated (as well as proper nutrition)
6 - PRACTICE - perfect practice makes perfect performance
7 - reread all our healthy habits

We hope you have enjoyed our 7 healthy habits of a triathlete (athlete). We want you to be healthy, happy, and confident in your triathlon ventures. If you have any questions for us (as coaches), please ask them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/triouradventure or email us at triouradventure@gmail.com