If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!


“Keep away from the people who try to belittle your ambitions, small people always do that, but really great people make you feel that you too can become great." ~Mark Twain


I am an International Triathlon Certified Coach (ITCA), Ironman Certified Coach, and an RRCA Certified Running Coach. I am very passionate about Coaching and my athletes, have some amazing athletes on my team, and I invite you to TRI something different with us... TEAM TOA!

If you want to work with a Coach who helps you believe in yourself as an athlete and helps you realize the impossible IS possible. I am currently accepting athletes across the world. I believe in:
  • Maintaining a healthy balance between training, family, work, and life. 
  • Confidence, hard work, and discipline. 
  • I base your training plan on your most important race, your availability, your experience level, your physiological makeup, your limiters (such as physiological capabilities, injury, time, social support, etc.), and your race performance goals and reasons for racing. 
  • Continuing my education to ensure my athletes are getting the most current triathlon news, innovations, and discussions. Constant research, reading, experimenting, webinars, workshops, and continuing education course as well as chats w/other Coaches and athletes go into my growth as your Coach. More certifications include:
    • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    • Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist
    • Sports Injury Specialist
    • Sports Nutrition Specialist
    • Sports Psychology Coach
    • Stress Management Coach
    • Core Conditioning Specialist
  • I am dedicated to your success as an athlete and believe together, we will achieve your goals.
As a 16 x Ironman finisher and 13 x 70.3 finisher, I know what it takes and I believe in you. 


Pricing varies with distance and athlete goals - will discuss individually. Training available for:
  • 70.3 & 140.6 Triathlon
  • Short Distance Triathlon/maintenance
  • Marathon/Half Marathon Training Plan/Run
  • General Fitness Plan 
Flexible plans for specific events are also available - we can discuss.

I work closely with my athletes via internet, phone, and texting. Our relationship requires good communication to learn strengths, weaknesses, scheduling matters, refine race schedules and goals, etc. I will develop, monitor, and adjust training plans on a day to day, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

As a Level 1 Coach, I use TrainingPeaks to plan, monitor, and analyze your training. This online system is free for you, easy to use, and allows your training sessions to be at your fingertips! You can check your schedule on a computer or use the convenient app. You can sync your training watch and track results.

Coaching with me includes:
  • Develop and monitor training plans released weekly on TrainingPeaks
  • Customized daily workout schedules 
  • Unlimited email/text/PM support
  • Phone calls as needed
  • Team support

Helping multi-sport athletes and runners take their training to the next level and achieve goals! 
Email me an inquiry to train with me at: imlisajohnson@outlook.com or Coach@triouradventure.com