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Ironman VR1 - Where Ever You Are, Be All There #anywhereispossible

The greatest impact of this first Ironman Virtual Race (which you know, I HAD to accomplish!)... is that over 11,000 athletes around the world - the same world that is currently under similar fears, anxiety, and uncertainty (i.e. coronavirus pandemic)...signed up to conquer this challenge.
Most of us are in isolation, quarantined, or majorly restricted. Our gyms and pools are all closed, races cancelled. We are socially distanced from our friends and training partners. Yet, we are making do with what we have.

So, Ironman launched it's Ironman Virtual Club on April 1st -Your go-to hub for all things IRONMAN®. Train, compete, and celebrate your achievements with a global community of fellow athletes no matter where you are. I mean, kudos to them for adapting with the current environment! They (along with sponsors) are setting up virtual races and challenges for us to train, compete, and earn points for rewards. At first I was like, EYE ROLL, cool kids club, another way for Ironman…

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