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Normal is Beautifully Boring

It's a return to normalcy. I mean, what's normal? We'll see... HA!

Monday Oct 14 - put your life back together day!! And dinner out w/Emma and her lovely parents.
Normal is the comfort of kind friends.

Tuesday Oct 15 - a.m. run + Italian class + HIIT at the gym. Later, yard work, work work work, and home. Normal is education.

Wednesday Oct 16 - warm up run + HIIT at the gym. Later, work work work and home.
Normal is work.

Thursday Oct 17 - early a.m. bloodwork (testing my thyroid), run w/Danielle + HIIT at the gym. Later, work work work and home. Normal is health.

Friday Oct 18 - HIIT at the gym, a few errands, work, lunch on the beach w/my lovey and Jake, and an evening at home. Normal is Big Mac's on the beach.

Saturday Oct 19 - a.m. bike and run brick w/my Luca, an afternoon working, took Jake for a nice long walk at the tenuta and another quiet night at home. Normal is love.

Sunday Oct 20 - a HIIT workout at home w/Luca + BBQ w/his parents.
Normal is family.

What an aweso…

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