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Welcome March

  Monday, March 1, 2021 - hello March! I'm happy to welcome March. Yeah, we've been struggling with this pandemic for over a year now (officially) but spring is around the corner, I'm 2 months from seeing my love, and I don't know, I'm just a fan of March.  HIIT Session Tuesday, March 2 - dad came over for dinner - chili on cornbread waffles. Wowzers! If you haven't you need to. Everyone has a something that goes with chili. Buttered crackers, grilled cheese, cornbread, rice, even pasta... I'm sure you're family has a something that is always made with chili. Ours was always cornbread - on the side. I decided to make the cornbread as waffles and serve them UNDER the chili - some really thick crock pot chili. It was killer.  SWIM 2,000 yards Wednesday, March 3 - really hard day. A few sips too many of wine probably didn't help but I just beat myself up all day. I did not work out. I should have; it probably would have made me feel better.  no train

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