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Week 12/20 Ironman Kona

Monday, August 12, 2019 - to Piqua Y for a swim (I'm not going to fail my swims this week!!) (and, the Troy Y pool is closed). Decided to just go for it today: 4,000 meters (2.5 miles). I love meter pools so much more than yard pools. Felt good and strong; happy with this swim and what I might be able to swim in Kona. Back home for grandma sitting and work. And all the work! Later a few errands and long walk with Cheryl and Jake. SWIM 4,000m

Tuesday, August 13 - it's raining this morning. I have a bike with brick run on the schedule but I've just texted with Cheryl and she said to wait for her and we can hit it this afternoon. I'm not a huge fan of "waiting", I always fear the waiting turns to not doing but I know Cheryl will push the "let's go!"
I worked all day, played with Grandma, and even worked out on the farm for a bit. Alas around 5pm, Cheryl said "Let's Go!!" and we did!! 1 hour on the bike with some sprint intervals + a bri…

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