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If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!


43 Years Have Been Lived

Today, I am 15,705 days old. 43 years have been lived. This year I share a few tips to live a smart, kind, understanding, peaceful life. 1. Know your worth. Then add tax. We've all seen this quote, but how many of us practice it? Understand your value and refuse to accept any thing less than you deserve. Take it to work, take it home, take it to your social circle, carry it with you through every day.  You teach people how to treat you. When it comes to how others perceive and treat you, you are the one who sets the standard. The value you place on yourself is evident to others and they will follow suit. Whether you underestimate your worth or overestimate your worth, others will too. Establish boundaries and ensure that your words and your actions consistently reflect the value you hold for yourself. 2. Ask yourself "what does it matter" the next time you find yourself judging someone (for their clothing or hobbies or even opinion...). Taking a moment to pause and ques

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