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A Week of Solace

(Monday and Tuesday) Our final days in Hawaii.
(Tuesday and Wednesday) Arriving home from Hawaii, Cheryl and I went and picked grandma up. She had spent our time away at SpringMeade in respite. We knew there would be one of two outcomes. She either LOVED it and would want to go back/remain in care or she would slip farther down the dementia hole. Being that the day before she went her behavior was worrisome (becoming very stiff and a little unresponsive, didn't want to eat, talk, or do anything) we weren't shocked to find her completely unresponsive.

She had basically clamped her teeth shut and wouldn't/couldn't eat, drink, or take meds. The nurses at SM along with her hospice nurses gave her all the care and attention they could but the disease made a huge progression. Of course the family is feeling some guilt for the week in respite but I have to believe that the end result would have been the same no matter what; she was already slipping away from us.

We picked he…

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