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Difference living in Italy vs. U.S.

I’m often asked what are the differences of living in Italy vs. the U.S. There are some really big obvious examples, like – they don’t speak English here. The food is fresher, less preservatives, and taken very seriously. The deep history and culture. The wine is more pure. It fantastic, inexpensive, and doesn’t leave you with a killer headache. Coffee is quick and strong and it’s just a sip… These are a lot of the more wide known differences. But there are also some that are not so well known and that’s what I’m going to share with you today. And while there are plenty of differences that make life complete hell …for example, smoking is permitted everywhere. And everyone smokes. And it’s disgusting. And there are butts everywhere. And it is truly the worst. Traffic! But worse than traffic (and probably creates a majority OF the traffic) – parking. It’s chaos! You can literally park wherever you want. Sidewalk? No problem! Middle of road? Why not! Behind my car, perpendicularly? Be

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