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Boomers vs. Millennials

I follow this page on Facebook, Americans living in Italy. It’s usually quite useful, entertaining, resourceful. However today, something so insulting…so myopic is discussed that I too feel the need to discuss it. This guy, who also happens to be an admin for the page as well as admin for a few other similar pages, arrogantly makes this long post, basically bashing millennials. It’s a pretty standard, “kids these days” boomer post. Here, I’ll just share it… (p.s. I’ve fixed all his grammatical mistakes). “Imagine you were born in 1900. When you're 14 World War I begins and ends at 18 years old with 22 million dead. Shortly after, a global pandemic Flu called 'Spanish', kills 50 million people. You come out alive and free. You are 20 years old. Then, at 29, you survive the global economic crisis that started with the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange, causing Inflation, unemployment, and hunger. At 33, the Nazis come to power. You turn 39 when World War II starts and

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