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November training in Ohio

Monday, Nov 12 - drove by the Y three times and it was PACKED. Then realized Veterans Day was being recognized and lots o'people were off work. Hit it up later and got in...
1,600 yard swim + a lazy HIIT session

Tuesday, Nov 13 - rough morning. Rough day. Early night. We'll call it recharge and don't do that again day...

Wednesday, Nov 14 - up and out for a swim and HIIT and then a full shopping day w/the girls.
1,600 yard swim + quick HIIT

Thursday, Nov 15 - plans to run in the a.m.; woke to ice. ICE!! Worked all morning, helped at the house, and I guess I just don't do ice! I did visit with my dad for a bit though... and then scrubbed the smoke smell of me. ICK! I never got around to a workout. I really wanted to run :(
I did get to talk to my lovey today though!! He's near the coast so was able to pick up enough reception to call. He's doing okay; very busy! And the food sucks. LOL. Was so funny hearing him (an Italian!!!) go on and on about how much pasta, bread…

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