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Week 3/20 Ironman Kona

Monday, June 10, 2019 - okay, focus! I need a good week. A good strong, motivated week. I have plenty to do - training, chores, and preparing for my summer in the states. So let's start with a strong swim - headed to the pool! Best news - Team TOA gear arrived!
SWIM 2400m

Tuesday, June 11 - early morning and out running errands - poste, farmacia, and bug spray. I'm feeling so accomplished!! It's a beautiful day to grab an hour on the bike outside BUT, for time purposes, I'm jumping on the trainer... with a brick run to follow.
KICKR 45mins
RUN 15mins

Wednesday, June 12 - what was even on the schedule today!? I felt completely lost today packing, working, and driving around Italy fussing with government. My Permesso renewal packet is MIA. To Sarzana police station, they don't know - go to La Spezia between 12-12:30. I show up right at 12, the place is packed and they announce they're not permitting anyone else in the door. WTF!? I basically said FORGET IT. I'm…

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