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If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!


The Traveling Shampoo Bottle Battle

The Traveling Shampoo Bottle Battle Growing up with a solitary bottle of Pert Plus in our shower, I’m certain mom didn’t know a) there’s a whole wide world of flavors out there and b) you’re allowed to have this array of flavors in your shower. Sometime between 1998-2000 I got mom a bouquet of Suave smells and flavors – coconut, peach passion, strawberry fields, citrus smoothie… who knows, but several different ones (along with matching body washes). At some point, mom and Bob sold the house and moved in to the RV to travel for a few years. Condensing all their possessions meant mixing what remained of all the shampoos in to one bottle. If you know mom, you know she doesn’t toss, she mixes!  Travels Begin  We remember they came to visit me in Cleveland… Ready for a new scent, mom intentionally left the Suave bottle in my shower.  “Mom, you forgot your shampoo.”  “I know.” …  Ugh, I don’t want your mixed up, leftover shampoo!  And so began the bottle battle… I couldn’t throw it away,

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