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Back to FULL PALEO: Jump on the CRAY train with me!

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** Just this morning as I sat was shoving a gyro down my throat I informed Lisa, that from here on out I was going back to full paleo. Its something that has to be done. I feel like ABSOLUTE garbage. I've also seen that it has been on the minds of others lately. So here it is, a NUTRITION challenge. Anyone want to hop on the crazy train with me? Heres an old post on PALEO …**

The low down on the paleo business…

 Its bomb diggity:)

 I know, I know… LAME. Seriously, not lame.

Now its a challenge but it has been well worth it. For those of you not knowing what I am talking about …

  PALEO DIET NUTRITIONAL LIFESTYLE:  "The Paleo Diet (Paleo being short for Paleolithic Era) is based on eating the most nutrient-dense foods that cause the least amount of irritation to the body. This includes meats, vegetables and fruit. The Paleo diet requires the elimination of all refined sugars, grains, legumes, and dairy products …" -Diane Rodgers;Paleo Lunches and Breakfasts On the Go: The Solution to Gluten-Free Eating All Day Long with Delicious, Easy and Portable Primal Meals

Why? I explained why I was DRINKING THE COOL-AID (<--click)

 Do I want to go back? Hell no. Times when I have cheated and or been on the road and had processed food have left me SICK.

 It really all comes down to CLEAN eating. Wether we put a name on it or not, its just a very clean eating lifestyle.

 Benefits I have seen? Stronger, recovering faster, I've been sick ONCE since changing over (blame the little carrier monkeys that live with me), and there are the benefits of leaning out. Please know that I did not do this for "losing weight", I know some of you "your too skinny anyways", no matter what you say I am happy and am strong, don't hate.

 Should you try it? Yes. WHY NOT? Good heavens its not like its going to POISON you. People get so intimidated. Yes, its hard, especially once you realize how much processed crap you have been shoving down your throat, its almost disturbing.

 But where to start? I was super confused at first. Though there are A MILLION WONDERFUL websites, I still ran around attacking my paleo friends. Two things that I recommend on getting starting with a PALEO NUTRITIONAL LIFESTYLE...
  • Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle : Dear friend Tori recommended this book, OVER AND OVER again. Once I purchased it (well christmas gift from Mark) I realized why. Out of ALL the books I have been through so far its the most informative and straight to the point. There is nearly an answer for everything. Its the size of a text book, and the first portion of the book takes you through a NUTRITION course, it is then followed up with multiple 30 day meal plans (recipes included). START THERE. It explains everything.
  •  EMEALS : Dear friend Brandi recommended this one. This is EXACTLY how Mark and I started, we just signed up and followed that baby to the "T". I'll admit that I had no faith in the recipes, but 3 months later I have had NOT ONE bad recipe. They are simple, and TASTY. Sometimes you just need someone telling you what to eat, and that is exactly what EMEALS did for us. Most recipes fed our little family of 4, plus leftovers for lunch the next day.
Make sense? Questions? Shoot em my way, if I don't know the answer I'll try and harass someone who knows or dig through my collection of books. Need someone to keep you accountable? TELL ME, then I shall stalk you.

 **Also please note that I have taken tips from Joe Friels book The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance. As an endurance athlete I've had to take a different approach when I first started. Though I have cut back tremendously on simple carbs pre & post workouts, I still experiment and have yet to find something that works well ON THE GO.**

Blog post originally posted on The Knitty Triathlete January 2014