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Race Reports

Aha! Finally a special page dedicated to RACE REPORTS.

Race reports make me laugh, cry, get nervous, and excited all in one! I love reading them and knowing what you're thinking and feeling and experiencing. So here, let's compile race reports! From 5k's to Ironman, this will be your place to get the low down!

Ironman Jesolo-Venice 70.3, Jesolo, Italy (2022)
There are a lot of special points to make for this race. From injuries and loss to beautiful friends and family with all their support! 

Ironman VR1, Virtual Race (2020)
Be all in; in your moment, where ever you are, being who you are, with what you have!
Anything is possible. Any WHERE is possible.

Ironman World Championship, Kona (2019)
Ironman Kona is the championship race of the greatest triathletes in the world. It is the mecca of all TRIATHLON.

Ironman Delaware, Ohio 70.3 (2019)
And then the run. All H's. Hard. Hot. Hilly. Hot as Hell. I fell a part a little bit but at least stayed pretty consistent and as Luca pointed out, had negative splits through the final miles.

Ironman Barcelona 70.3 (2019)
DESPITE - I got it done. And I love that and I appreciate you reminding me of that and a finish is a finish!

Ironman Vichy, France (2018)
A lesson in patience, Ironman Vichy, # 15 has been added to the list!

Triathlon di Lerici (2018)
The sea here though is like swimming in a giant swimming pool. It's crystal clear and smooth as glass.

Ironman Italy (2017)
Luca finished his first Ironman and me, my 14th.
An uncomfortable but silly evening followed with the both of us moaning and groaning, begging the other to get up and get this or that for each other

Ironman Netherlands (2017)
The river water was chilly at 68 degrees but the air was more chill so it felt good. It tasted and felt fresh. Lots of kayak and water support, plenty of buoys to site and supposedly a current against us.

Ironman Norway 70.3 (2017)
Cold, wind, and rain... but beautiful!!

Ironman Cozumel (2016)
There's nothing more rewarding than hearing "You ARE An Ironman!"

Ironman Wisconsin (2016)
Are you ready for the most dramatic Ironman race report ever written!? Da da daaa (dramatic music). I'm kidding, it's really not!! But here's my story

Ironman Delaware Ohio 70.3 (2016)
Let me first tell you about Delaware, Ohio. Once a small town begging to be the states capital is now quite the trendy, happening place! Delaware is a metropolitan of Columbus

Ironman Vineman (2016)
The 2.4 mile swim starts at Johnson Beach which is the Russian River in Guerneville, CA. The course is out and back. The river is actually dammed this time of year so there is very little current.

Ironman Brazil (2016)
Normally with my mom in tow, I came to Brazil solo. I was ridiculously nervous (terrified even) and so unsure of how all that was going to unravel

New Orleans 70.3 (2016)
This is not a hard race course. But it was a harddddd day.
That was definitely the hardest 70.3 I've raced to date.

Crescent City Classic 10k (2016)
6.2 miles of Jell-O shots, mimosa's, NOLA crazies, music, color, bunnies, red beans and rice, and... FUN!!

Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Full Marathon with Team TOA Elite- NOLA (2016)
It’s really hard not to sign up for a marathon when it’s only $50. And that’s what happened at the finish line of Rock n’ Roll New Orleans in 2015.

1st Light Half & Full Marathon - Mobile, AL (2016)
I would say it's a pretty course as well; lots of oak trees and pretty neighborhoods. There are times on the route that I feel like I'm running through New Orleans which also has some gorgeous oak trees.

Ironman Arizona Sherpa/Coach Duty (2015)
Loop 3 gets hairy. It's gotten much colder and now it's raining. Pouring. JG and I head to the nearest CVS for rain gear. We're worried that Tish is cold.

Ironman Barcelona (2015)
...this Ironman was all about letting go as much as my entire summer journey was about letting go. It was my final adventure in the series for 2015.

Ironman 70.3 Vineman / Sherpa/Coach Duty (2015)
5 Athletes, 4 Sherpa's, 1 Coach
We're waking up at 3:45am to leave at 4:15am. Um, crazy say what!?

Ironman Texas (2015)
I'm feeling nervous and excited. You can do this. There's no not doing this! It's go time...

Ironman 70.3 New Orleans (2015)
A team journey, this race report is broken into 5 sections.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico (2015)
"I've never seen so much "stuff" laying in the road <--- water bottles, cages, tubes, etc. And there were a ton of dead iguana's and dogs. I think iguana's to Puerto Rico are like armadillo's to Mississippi"

New Orleans Rock n' Roll Half and Full Marathon (2015)
"... we stayed motivated and happy, talked each other off a couple of cliffs, and ran/walked the last few miles. Intestinal fortitude."

Louisiana Half and Full Marathon (2015)
"The BEST part was the Finish Line Festival <--- an entire festival! All of the vendors from the expo were set up and food, SO MUCH FOOD."

Ironman Arizona (2014)
"Sometimes I feel like all these Ironman finishes are just luck. I know that sounds crazy to many of you but I'm way harder on me than anyone else. I worked hard on speed, bikes, and coming off the bike running during my training. I was ready for a 12 something Ironman."

Ironman 70.3 Austin (2014 - Kimberley Mathers).
"I was up bright and early at 4am. No problems sleeping and no problems getting my breakfast down (the usual peanut butter sandwich and 1 cup of coffee). Main concern was out of the way...yep I pooped! Whoop, Whoop! I was dressed and ready."

Ironman 70.3 Austin (2014 - Trish Bayles)
"The first 15 miles of the bike ride were FAST and FUN! I was zipping along and never saw my speed drop below 17 mph. I was thrilled for the first time all day and praying to God that the rest of the course was the same way."

Hub City Hustle (2014).
"This is one of my favorite courses. The swim is 1/3 of a mile, point to point, and stays along the bank of a man made lake (POND) in an undeveloped subdivision in Hattiesburg, MS."

RiverBluff 70.3 Triathlon (2014)
"I didn't feel amazing but I felt...DETERMINED. Arrived onsite and got body marked and assigned my chip."

Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Oly Triahtlon (2014 - Charlene Sylvester)
"...and apply copious amounts of sunscreen ß skin cancer is no joke people! I apply body lube in areas prone to chaffing (sorry, TMI), and secure the race timing chip around my left ankle with a safety pin (there is nothing worse than having to flip over on your back during the swim because you feel your chip coming loose!)"

Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Oly Triathlon (2014 - Pamela Williams)
"I found Charlene and we brought our bond to a whole new level, peeing side by side in the sand before headed back to line."

One Coast Olympic Triathlon (2014 - Megan Anderson)
"I may or may not have just peed on myself... #noshame"

Heart of Dixie Triathlon (2014)
"The longest consecutive running triathlon in the country, The Heart O' Dixie is a must do! Two things that make it stand out from other races, the unique distance and the logistics."

"Highlights from my swim: the lake is crystal clear; I could see straight to the bottom (until it gets too deep) and there was literally nothing in that lake! No fishes, no sunken treasure, no vegetation, nothing!"

"Course: two loops, big climbs, moderate wind with high gusts (which turned into heavy wind by afternoon), gentle to moderate rolling hills in between big climbs, beautiful scenery (city to country to coast), temperature high 70's (ended up with a good tan/burn)."

"With less than 300 participants, the course was quiet. The volunteers had great energy and the aid stations were fantastic though. They were a little far apart, sometimes at nearly 2 miles apart! Good thing I carry a handheld water bottle cause I NEEDED it..."

"The horn goes off and we all run into the Sea of Cortez tackling a wave that nearly pushes us right back onto shore. 25 meters in - Oh God, 50 meters in - Oh God, I am just swarmed by elbows and green swim caps (men). I can't even tell if I'm swimming!! I'm just being tousled and pushed and pulled - Oh God. Here comes the panic..."

Ironman Texas (2012)
"7:10am, the most violent swim of my life was underway."
"The loops were amazing, full of people and volunteers, food and water every mile, and it went SO fast! I really couldn’t believe how strong I felt..."

"Transition 1: stripped and short grass run, lots of room in transition - 5 bikes per rack. WOW! I was so cold I was jumping and dancing around, trying to dry off, and trying to get layers on."

"I'm on the bike and feeling amazing!!!! The course was super hilly. Good news, I'm a hill girl :) I love me some hills baby!!"

Rock n' Roll Half and Full Marathon (2011)

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