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Travel Journal: Final Days of GOBA

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Day 5: biked 52 miles today from Mount Vernon to Bucyrus, Ohio. More shared roads with Amish horse drawn buggies. I'll tell you what, those babies TEAR UP the roads. Word of the day: POTHOLE!

But first, my fun "meets" from Mount Vernon...
The cop who not only finished Ironman Louisville in 2009, but biked from San Fransisco, CA to Mount Vernon, Ohio in 34 days. He averaged about 93 miles a day. He slept in the mountains, in the desert, in a jail cell, and most often, on the side of a road. I am SO motivated to bike across America. I have to do it. CHRISTINA!! We have to do this!

Larry, who randomly pulled his truck over and got out dizzy, confused, stumbling... I was jokingly approaching him for a ride into town but noticed quickly he wasn't right. My mom and I got him some ice water and calmed him down until his buddy came and got him. Coming off of work from a hot kitchen as a chef, we believe he was suffering from some heat exhaustion stuff. That can get serious friends!! Stay cool and stay hydrated! Hope you're okay Larry!!

The lady who admitted she goes to Goodwill on GOBA, buys them and hangs ladies thongs all over GOBA'ville. What the heck !? Ha ha! Okay lady...

The Canadians that biked through Spain. And a slew of other miscellaneous Ohio and world travelers that I couldn't help but talk to.

Back to today... Slept great (and warm and dry!). Biked the first 10 miles to breakfast for a sausage sandwich and some hard boiled eggs. Lunch came quick at 25 miles so we stopped long enough for a cold Gatorade. Rocking out the mileage and only 12 miles from camp, we passed up the final snack stop. We got caught up in some rain before arriving at Bucyrus County Fairgrounds. The views were gorgeous today. They have been this entire GOBA! Ohio truly is beautiful.

Ended Day 5 rocking out to Cherry Blonde.

Day 6: biked 36 final miles from Bucyrus to Mansfield. It was a chilly ride but flat and fast. A delightful headwind the whole way. We had enough time to load the car up with all our junk and rush to Marion to pick up Jake. JAKE!! He was SO happy to see me. I love that boy.

Anyway, had a GREAT GOBA 2014. We met a ton of amazing people and visited some amazing places. I already can't wait to sign up for 2015 and hope you'll sign up too. Let's make it a big happy party adventure!!