If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

10+ Things to TRI Road Trips: June 2014

Slide1 As promised, each month we are featuring our top 10 must TRI adventures...

May was full of excitement but we think June is going to be even more thrilling.

June is sending us in two different directions but we aren't scared!!

1 - Yard Sale: June 7, 2014, Gulfport, MS
SELL SELL SELL... Okay, so it's not technically an "event" and it's not something we're doing on a whim, but it's definitely an adventure that's going to be tri'ing. We dare you to TRI cleaning out your garage, closets, and drawers full of stuff this month. Besides, who doesn't need some extra cash!?
cost: make you some money!!

2 - GOBA: June 14-June 21, 2014, Ohio
50 miles a day on a bike for 7 days for 350 total miles of bicycle riding in Ohio. This adventure is a little piece of cycling and camping heaven that Lisa has done for 14 years. This year takes us from Mansfield to Orrville to Coshocton to Mount Vernon to Bucyrus back to Mansfield
cost: $200+ (must register early, capped at 3000 cyclists)

**within this adventure, Lisa has a few adventures to TRI...**

     1 - Mansfield & Shawshank: celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the movie The Shawshank  
     Redemption which was filmed in Mansfield in 1994. Visit the Ohio State Reformatory
     (Shawshank State Prison) and the 14 sites along the Shawshank Trail.
     2 - Lots of entertainment this year in each city: music, dancing, drama, comedy, karaoke. Letting
     the hair down and having lots of fun with mom
     3 - Coshocton: Roscoe Village, horse-drawn canal boat, and visit five wineries of the
     Three Rivers Wine Trail
     4 - Hiawatha Water Park

     5 - Find a 5k, 10k, and/or 1/2 marathon and maintain my running schedule.

3 - PRSFIT Boulder Tri Camp: June 11-June 15, 2014, Boulder, Colorado
A Coach with PRSFIT, Christina will help runners, cyclists, and triathletes become better, faster, smarter athletes. An educational and inspirational week with Coach Jeff and PRSFIT.
cost: $595 (must register ASAP!)

**within this adventure, Christina has a few adventures to TRI...**

     1 - Bike the Ironman Boulder Bike Course

     2 - Estes Park Half Marathon

     3 - GHOST Town - stop at the many that dot the drive up to CO

     4 - SUP the Boulder Reservoir

     5 - Eat a big steak at that one place

4 - Complete a Wild, Crazy, Completely Random Race of Choice: final week of June, somewhere in the United States
Why not!? We'll find something fun and crazy! :)