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Product Review: STORMp3


Recently connected with ToiletTree Products, we received the STORMp3 to test out.
We meant to take it on our beach camping adventure but truth be told, I FORGOT!

So I planned to get it loaded with music for GOBA.

What is the STORMp3? It's a portable, battery operated, water resistant, Mp3 speaker. It has 2GB of memory to store up to 500 songs. It's kind of like an MP3 player that does CrossFit. I don't know why this analogy, but you remember the little MP3 players with their cute little earbuds? Well this baby showed up in it's own plastic box all proudly displayed and speakers looking all buff like "hey girl, I'm about to rock your life". You don't need earbuds, you can rock this baby LOUD!!

All MY (Lisa's) personal opinion...
1 - Impressive sound quality. I'm on a bike trip, have the speaker bungeed to my bike, and I'm ROCKING! I've been nicknamed the music girl. I didn't expect it to be as loud as it is. Huffing and puffing up these hills in Ohio on a bike, the STORMp3 (and my tunes list) has keep me and my riding buddies motivated and happy.
2 - Super easy to use. I'm not the most tech savvy gal. You literally plug it in to your computer via a USB cord, and drag and drop songs. Super easy.
3 - Battery powered. No cords (except to load the music on it). Portable. Take it anywhere! p.s. it CAME with the batteries. BONUS!
4 - It's lightweight with a cute sleek design. It's like a little boom box! Everyone on GOBA has been asking me what it is and where I got it. I would almost like it a little bit smaller, but that's because I'm greedy. In actuality, it's a good size.

1 - I would like the bluetooth option so I can rock out to some Pandora too.
2 - It says it will hold over 500 songs. I can't get it to load more than 30 (but remember, I'm not super tech savvy; I'm still learning). With that, it will only accept MP3 songs so you have to convert iTunes songs - this was a little learning curve for me too.
3 - It needs a few little hooks or a D ring on it so I can attach it my bike (add to PRO list, it DOES come with a wall mount for your shower or poolside). But if it had little hooks, I could more easily bungee it to my bike (or anything!!).

Overall, it's a great product idea with a great design. As mentioned, the sound quality is superb! The portability of it is convenient and fun. I think it would make a PERFECT gift idea for any adventurer (add the D ring for us!!) or music lover...

For the legit specs, check it out at HERE
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