If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Some Behind the Scene Happenings

Yews be fun #jazzhalf !!
Lisa and I at the Jazz Half Marathon, 2013

Christina here. I just wanted to share a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes at #TRIOURADVENTURE.

First off I am shocked/inspired/happy/"like whoa!"/nervous/thrilled with our blog followers. We see likes, and I get messages, but lately they have been blooming.

Blooming in such a crazy supportive way that lead me to think "Holy creepers, people like us".

Of course Lisa is all "Of course! We're awesome! They're awesome!" but I still stand back amazed and nearly in tears with all the support we receive from our friends.

As said in previous posts, we do work hard here to document and share what we do. It really isn't "work" but Lisa does make sure we buckle down and plan things. We are both always brimming with ideas that we want to share, that sometimes we get carried away on the waves of our excitement and end up bouncing off walls like 2 kids that were locked inside Willy Wonkas chocolate factory.

Here are some behind the scene happenings that we will be sharing!

Moving to Jacksonville
Downsizing by pretty much selling most of our belongings. Yard sale first weekend of June.
Travel. Lisa and I go our separate ways and get plopped into crazy situations AND locations.
Relationships statuses
Childhood dreams
New book club
While reorganizing our lives, we are putting a focus on rescheduling the "Run for Domestic Violence" tour.
Paleo Nutrition Challenge
Healthy Habits

Gosh, we are busy. But is it truly busy? I think its more like happy madness that I am in desperate need of!