If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Travel Journal: GOBA Day 3 & 4

IMAG1408 ABM_1403027322.jpg Horse drawn Canal boat ride (top of boat) #mygsom #pacsun #goba #triouradventure ABM_1403099022 IMAG1427

Day 3 on GOBA was optional and I opted out. I ran a few several miles instead. A gorgeous trail through Roscoe Village and Coshocton. Spent the rest of the day with my mom exploring Amish history, canal boats, Roscoe Village, and rocking out with an incredible band.

Day 4 started super way too early. With an expected high of 100+* we had to beat the heat. Fortunately, it was an easy day! Only 44 miles and pretty flat with only 1,300 feet of climbing (compared to the 2,500+ the first 2 days). We ate a quick banana at camp and hit the road. There were two giant climbs out of Coshocton and then the roads leveled out for gorgeous views of Amish country and hills and greenery that you don't even know exists in Ohio!! We stopped at the breakfast stop for a few hardboiled eggs. Lunch came even quicker and we snacked on some brats from the local baseball team. We skipped the snack stop since we were caaaruising on the bike path. A slight grade but no hills, little wind, and smooth smooth pavement. A sweet ride into Mount Vernon. Mom went back out for 20 more miles and I went for a run. A triathlete has to keep being a triathlete EVEN on a bike trip... ;)

We are currently in a Bar & Grill, 'Flappers', sucking up some Blue Moon, AC, and Wi-Fi. The city has  some cool bands lined up for entertainment tonight. Here's the truth, GOBA is fun! You meet some interesting people, see some amazing places, and get to TRI all sorts of new. It's FUN.