If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard for Triathlon

Do a triathlon they said. It'll be fun they said!...

Partially serious, partially for fun, here's the best worst advice we've ever heard for triathlon...

Use a crate for transition.

Carb-o-load the night before a race.

Don't worry about practicing swimming in open water.

Injured? Push through the pain.

Ignore your body.

Sprint out of the pack and then settle into your pace.

Race day: "HERE, try this..."

Ditch the training plan.

Recovery is overrated.

Extend your stride.

Use a Walmart bag for your transition.

You don't really need any chamois butter (ride glide, sports shield, etc).

(for some people) You don't need to wear socks.

Transitions are free time.

You only need 1 week of taper for an Ironman.

You don't need to taper

Don't worry about your diet/nutrition.

Go in the water first.

Just wing it.

The zipper goes in the front.

Use a balloon to mark your bike in transition.

Your sports bra doesn't really matter.

Your shoes don't really matter.

Just make it a training race.

We all know it's NEVER just a "training" race ;)

Ha ha, hope you got a good laugh. Share your worst advice you've ever gotten...

"What the fuck is wrong with you." Ha ha ha ha!!!