If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Core Chirosports


Have you noticed my newest sponsor!?

I'm really excited to welcome Core Chirosports on to the CrAzY train of our TRIpolar world...

Dr. Brandon Hardin is like a piriformis ninja! He was like Ka-Pow, Wham, Krak... and KLICK, my hip was suddenly back in place. Say what!? I didn't know it was OUT of place :/ How on earth was I functioning like that!?

But that's not all he does. But wait there's more!! *ha ha, don't you love when those commercials that are trying to get you to buy something say that.... "But wait there's more!!"... Oh, now I'm DEFINITELY buying!! ha ha!!

Dr. H is a licensed chiropractor who specializes in Sports Medicine, Active Release Technique, Kinesio-Taping, diet and nutrition, exercise science, prenatal chiropractic care, as well as physical/functional rehabilitation and injury prevention. He had me at SPORTS!! Oh what, you mean he doesn't do massage too? NO, cause his awesome LMT 45, April Straight does it! So basically, it's a one stop shop of body fixin' heaven for athletes... (his office is super pretty and calming too)

What I love about both of these two, they are ATHLETES. Does it take an athlete to fix an athlete? Not necessarily, but it sure helps!! They are gonna give you treatment according to your needs AS an athlete... hear what I'm saying !? Would you trust a football coach to coach you in triathlon!? How about a swim coach to teach you how to play golf!? NO! So yeah, I love that they are both athletes. I respect that immensely. You're gonna see Dr. Hardin at Stennis 1/2 Marathon 2014, New Orleans Full Marathon 2015, and Tradition's Tri in 2015. And Coach L is gonna be right behind him screaming MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT!!

So anyway, taking care of your body is so important in our world. I'm a huge advocate of ART, adjustments, and massage for the upkeep of your body. Chronic injuries and pain NEED to be addressed. Maintenance and repair MUST happen if not weekly, at least bi-weekly and minimally monthly.

Take care of YOU my friends, your body will THANK YOU!!