If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Peace Love & Happiness



Jean shorts with flowers and headbands kinda scream hippie don't they? Especially when you have tussled pink tresses... At least, that's what I heard all day yesterday...

I'm cool with being labeled a hippie as long as we all know that I'm clean, drug free, and I think Patchouli is the worst smell on earth ... right up there with incense.

I also need us all to know that while today you might look at me and think "hippie", tomorrow you might think gangsta or hipster, or athlete, or modern, or beachy, or any number of different looks and style. You know why? Cause I'm just me. I wear what's comfortable and flattering. I love the beachy comfy look but don't be surprised when you see me in a classic straight dress with heels. Dress to impress baby! I make it a point to be original and mix it up.

Christina and I have talked numerous times on dressing "age appropriate". While she's a bit younger than I am, she's a mother of two. At mid-30's and a momma, do we need to be dressing a certain way? Are we not allowed to look cute or trendy? We both say to HECK WITH THAT! I do what I wanna do! Crop tops and skinny jeans - all over it! Diamonds, pearls, trucker hats, and compression - I wear what I wanna wear!

And you will mostly find me in bright colors, unique pieces, and anything that is completely different than what everyone else is wearing. Yeah...I like being different <--- just like everyone else!

When dressing yourself or discovering your style, I think what is most important is feeling confident and comfortable. You don't wanna wear anything that you're constantly tugging on, worried about creeping up, or exposes your insecurities. Pick out what you like, find the appropriate size (no matter the number!! Remember we're working with comfort), and BAM, ROCK IT. Be unique and fearless. Cool and confident. Cute and comfortable.