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Cause Related Marketing


Did you know that I have my MBA and I'm currently working towards my DBA? (that's a business equivalent to a Ph.D.). My dissertation is on Cause Related Marketing (CRM).

Cause Related Marketing is a mutually beneficial collaboration between a for profit organization and a nonprofit organization. Typically the for profit organization runs a campaign or event to raise money for the nonprofit organization. It's really a genius collaboration... the nonprofit receives funds and awareness while the for profit receives increased sales and a reputation for being socially responsible (among other benefits). Other courses of CRM include portions of sales going to the nonprofit, adding a donation to the bill, combining logo's for promotional items, and co-branding events and programs. This is where my interest lies...

As the Marketing Director for a running and tri shop I make it a point to focus our marketing efforts in CRM. We partner with multiple nonprofit organizations along the coast to raise awareness for the cause as well as raise money for them. We've worked with the Penelope House, the Gulf Coast Women's Center for Nonviolence, the Favre4Hope Foundation, Rocketkidz, a variety of military nonprofits, and other miscellaneous nonprofits.

It's a remarkable way for a business to do well while doing good.

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