If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

How To Use Facebook

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Okay, so this really isn't an instructional blog post... I'm just going to share with you how I use Facebook. Such a misleading title (insert my own eye roll).

I love Facebook. No secret. Some of you think I'm on it constantly. Well if that were the case I wouldn't ever get anything done! And have you noticed how much I tend to accomplish each day? So, no, I'm not ON Facebook all day...but it is on my phone all day so it's right there. If I need to post something real quick, stalk someone real quick, answer a quick message, scroll through your life...it's right there on the magical smart phone. I love smart phones too. Seriously, HOW did I go so long with a flip phone?! I carried that piece of junk around for like 2 years after smart phones. I was DETERMINED not to fold for the new craze. What was I thinking!? I love my smart phone. Off track...

Facebook gets such a bad rep sometimes. People are annoyed by this post or that post... We have terms like "Fakebook" and "Vague-booking". There's cyber bullying and unfriending and "blasting" one another and cruel pages and groups to "like". People, this goes on everyday ANYWAY...these are just new "internet" terms for what is already happening in the real world. Facebook didn't create these problems. Not being on Facebook or hating on Facebook isn't going to resolve these problems.
Fake people, vague communication, bullying, deceiving friends, spreading rumors, hate groups, hate crimes even...it's all happening no matter what.
What do you do in these situations in real life? You stay away from the people, places, things you don't like, right? It's actually EASIER to avoid what you don't like ON Facebook than in real life. When my friend posts a rant on religion or politics I can just scroll on by without a second look. But if we were in real life, I'd have to listen to it. I can't just swipe friend away (which is kinda humorous to think about, but come on, it's mean ;) My point is, if you don't like someone or something on Facebook, IGNORE IT.

With the good comes the bad. So let's talk about the GOOD!!!
I use Facebook to maintain relationships across the entire world. The entire world. Are you hearing me!? We can communicate with the entire world (except China where FB is against the law). Instant communication with friends and family. I can't even wrap my mind around the enormity of that.

I use Facebook to watch my friends kids grow up into beautiful little humans. Friends (and family) that I've known since diaper ages and now their kids are having kids... how cool is that!? And I get to be a part of their life! And dogs! I love your fur babies! They are so cute and sweet and it cracks me up to see all their shenanigans. I love when you post pictures of your dog tearing up your life. It's hilarious!

I use Facebook because I enjoy knowing you better... Your new boyfriend is so cute! Oh, you're a Red Bull addict too? Your feet on the beach in the sand on an obvious perfect sunshiny day; I can almost feel it with you. Your promotion, your new baby, marriage, graduation, your trials and tribulations, you ran a 5k, you do Crossfit, and even your losses, which hurt my heart and I say a silent prayer for you. But I get to share in your life and I think it's amazing. I feel so special to be a part of all that. I know that sounds super cheesy and you're thinking, "Lisa you are so rainbows and butterflies..."  But if you stop and REALLY think about it, how amazing is it!?

I've said it before and I'll say it a thousand more times... I love your Facebook. I love your posts, your pictures, your rants, your meme's, your quotes, your kids, your family, your "I hate Monday's", your comments, your controversy, your happy, your sad, your mad, your profession, your dreams, your opinion, your funnies, your food, your insight, YOUR LIFE. I love being a part of your life.

(final thought - I also love Facebook for businesses - GENIUS! Free marketing opportunities that WORK. Social media is AMAZING. That is all)

Personal and professional all in one - 2 birds 1 stone people.