If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

I Walk When I Run, So What!?


This is my deal, I walk one minute every mile. Sometimes a little longer. And during an Ironman, I might walk sooner than a mile. It doesn't mean I suck. It doesn't mean I'm a wimp. It doesn't make me any less of a runner or athlete.

I'm not a pro. I don't have to be the fastest out there. I don't get paid to be a rockstar runner. I do what's comfortable for my body. And that includes walking during my long run to extend my long run. Sometimes I feel like I could go all day. And when I do my double Ironman or 100 mile run, I WILL go all day. And I'll proudly walk when I need to.

"Walking reduces the impact forces on the muscles, joints, and tendons, and reduces breathing rate and heart rate," says running coach Jenny Hadfield, coauthor of Marathoning for Mortalsand founder of coachjenny.com. "So runners are able to cover more distance with better form and alignment, and a reduced risk of fatigue." <--- AMEN!

Jeff Galloway, only pretty much the most famous name in running/coaching, developed and advocates the run walk method. He believes it gives you cognitive control over your run. I agree! I am much more mentally aware of what I'm doing, how I feel, and much more in control of my breathing, rhythm, and yep, even endurance.

Walking during a run does NOT make you any less of a runner than anyone else. 
Stop feeling embarrassed or ashamed for the way you train (and/or race).
Hell, even if you're just out there WALKING, I think you're pretty bad ass. 
Keep it moving my friends!! 
Do yo' thing and make some magic...