If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Just A Stupid Day


We all have them right? Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies...

Started out with an UGLY verbal battle where in the end, no one was right and no one won. So what was the point? Stupid.

Moving on to a visit with Doctor Kerby... please squeeze me in today because this rash is taking over my chest :/  Weird flesh eating virus?? God save us all... No, just an awesome takeaway from Sunfish back in July. Stupid.

Need flyers and posters printed for Rhino Run. Not only did I forget my discount card at the house, but there was a line of like 800 people to get copies printed. No. Stupid.

Headed to swim with a friend and all I want is a chicken sandwich for pre-swim breakfast. Not even the sandwich part. I just forgot to grab breakfast and I want some dang chicken. Aha, Chick-Fil-A. "It'll take 10-15 minutes to cook the chicken." What!? I'm already running late, no! Back track to Wendy's... "We are out of chicken today." Umm, excuse me? OUT of chicken? "We have chicken nuggets, but no breasts, our truck hasn't made it in yet." OH MY Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Forget the chicken... I ended up with a carrot cake doughnut from Krispy Kreme. Gross. And. Stupid.

So now I'm over argued, late, chicken deprived, without flyers, bloated belly of sugar and OF COURSE...out of gas. Pull into the next Kangaroo, CC in, CC out, approved, pump...NOTHING. What is happening ?? Call attendant... "What is happening?"  ~"That pump must be out of gas." Huh? "Someone has to get the empty...ha ha ha..." Oh lady with your ha ha ha ha, you have no idea. AHHHHHH!!! Stupid.

Thank goodness getting onto base went smooth cause I'm not sure I could have contained the wrath... Awe, the pool, time to swim... training, I love training... And now my text messages are blowing up. Done! SHHH!! Ahhh! Phone off. Stupid.

Swim time. All good. My 2 hours of sanity for the day...

What's my point of this negative filled stupid post? We all have bad days. Suck it up. No fuck that. This day was stupid and I just want to be pissy.

p.s. I hate the word stupid and am now aggravated with myself for using it 18 times in this post and might not even ever post it...