If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Change Is Good

change So you might have noticed some slight changes with Tri Our Adventure and more are coming.

Change is good! Change makes you flexible. Smarter. Change reminds us that anything is possible. It offers opportunity and excitement! More than anything, change promotes growth. Get out of your comfort zone!!! (can we bring EVERYTHING in life back to that!? kind of legit!!!!).

Change = Adventure.

The dynamic is no longer tri "our" adventure as much as it is tri OUR adventure...as in, all of us!
We are all in this life together, are we not? We're all in this chaotic beautiful frenzy of adventure so let's share our thoughts, stories, and ADVENTURES as one!! You know I'm always up for some spontaneous action, so call me, email me, text me, let's go have an adventure. Let's go be real and live and enjoy and spread our love for life!! **getting super pumped up**
Share your stories, your advice, your support, pictures, your love for life with me. I'll post it. Can you say, GUEST BLOGGER!? I love this idea!!

I realize that this change might result in losing some of you. I love and respect and appreciate your support but I also understand...change isn't easy to accept :(

But I hope I (we) (as in ALL of us) can keep your attention and interest. I hope we can continue to offer you motivation and inspiration and you continue to follow and enjoy my blog!!!

Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you.