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The Carnegies

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Reading always leads to more reading...

As you know, I'm reading Untamed about the wildest woman in America living on Cumberland Island. Engulfed in the history of Cumberland Island and the "feisty females" who have previously ruled the island, I am intrigued by the riches of the Carnegies.

The Carnegies grip on the steel industry amassed a personal fortune with a real value today of $300 billion. That's more than the wealth of Bill Gates (computer software), Warren Buffett (investor), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), the Koch brothers (politics), and the entire Walton family (Walmart) COMBINED (Harlan, 2014).

I'm mostly interested in the grand life the Carnegies established on Cumberland Island. Tom Carnegie purchased 12,000 acres of Cumberland as a gift to his wife, Lucy. She ruled as the queen of Cumberland for 30 years. So this is where my $$ envy comes in... 59 room mansion (Lucy had the Dungeness rebuilt ~more reading), exquisite dinner parties and lavish galas, waiters, gazebos, marble patios, fountains, greenhouses, statues, flowers, gardens, picnics on the beach, horse back on the beach, sea turtle fun, a golf course, tennis courts, skeet shooting range, marble floored pool house (with high dive and parallel rings), 119 foot yacht, and trips to Bahamas. It's just so wow. I'm okay with a simple life for sure, but this just sounds so magical and relaxing.

So anyway, I just wanted to share a little piece of Untamed and add Cumberland Island to our adventure list...

A short video I found: