If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Yooohoooo, Update.


In case you missed it, YES MY HOUSE SOLD!! <--- celebrating **dance dance dance**
**fist pump** So what's funny is, I have no idea what is happening next. To actually say it out loud is kinda terrifying and insanely exciting. To see the faces of others when I say it out loud, now THAT'S just hilarious.

"So, uhhh, what are you going to do!?" <---- common response
Ha ha! I know, it sounds crazy... but no joke...

I am signing over my house, getting on a plane to Arizona, doing an Ironman, spending some extra time with my mom, and returning to ______. The ______ is the "no idea" part. I am WINGING it. 100% winging it. And a new curveball, Phil's assignment to Georgia changed to Kansas. Ok, so, Kansas. That's kinda far and in the middle of nowhere. But that's where at least I'll have storage and some stuff. (and of course, my best friend).

Let me put any rumors to rest, YES, I'm coming back to Gulfport. Can I guarantee the next few years? No Sir. But I can guarantee a few months. I love my job. I love my friends. I love the area. I'm not quite ready to part ways... But there will be some HELLA adventures. Especially if I'm MOBILE...

So I might return in an RV or I might return on an airplane. Hell, I might ride in on a big white horse pulling a wagon with Jake in it. Ha! You never know!

But know this, Jake and I will be mobile (UNSETTLED) and ready for any adventure you throw our way. Note, JAKE. I go nowhere without my boy (obviously there are some places I go that he can't so don't hold me to that. But all I'm saying is if he's not welcome, I'm not welcome. I mean, look at that sweet face, how could he possibly ever be UNwelcome!?).

Hold onto your socks my friends. Life is about to get more CRAZY...

Before any of that though. Today, AUSTIN, TEXAS bound!! Yeeeehawwww... where's my Red Bull !?