If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Here's to New Adventures...

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I'm disconnecting myself from my house.
Removing pictures from the wall.
Emptying shelves and closets.
Clearing out rooms.
Packing away memories.
I feel like the quicker I can get it all out of my sight, the quicker (and by quicker I mean easier) I can close this chapter of my life and get ready for the next one. I also realized that with headed to Arizona for 3 weeks, that means that with closing, oh crap, I need to be out before I leave... GULP! I guess my last night here will be empty. Probably on the floor. The next morning I'll be off to Arizona. With no home to return to.

It's exciting actually.
Sad. But exciting. I'm such a planner. It's kind of cool to have no idea what's going to happen next.
It's sad though, packing up my favorite art, my pictures, my...memories. I don't know when I'll see you again. Please don't break. Please don't get lost.


How do we allow ourselves to become so connected with inanimate objects?
I love this house. WE loved this house.
I knew when I walked in the door that I wanted to live in it. I could imagine all our "stuff" decorating it and the colors, and the red wall project, and the coffee bar, I saw it all.

So much has changed in two years. I'm sad that Phil doesn't get to say goodbye. But does he feel the same about it as I do? He lived in it for such a short time. He knew how happy it made me. Except mowing that backyard. Dang, that sucked! Thank goodness for amazing neighbors and even more amazing friends!!

So here goes my life. Our life. Getting packed away in boxes, unknowing of when they will be opened once again and in what city, state, or even...country...

A new adventure awaits...