If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Ironman Lineup

Ironman Barcelona 2015, here I come!!!!
And just like every other international Ironman I've signed up for, I almost threw up when I hit "submit". A whole new country. A whole new race. A whole new experience. I can't wait to see what Spain is going to bring me. Or better yet, what I can bring to Spain!


And you've been wondering what else what else!?!? Ironman Texas 2015. Yep, it was my very first Ironman and I'm headed back for more. To be honest, there wasn't anything else open in the spring in the U.S. It's close and doable. My goal is Kona so I need 13 Ironman to apply for legacy. I need to get there by 2020.
The bigger goal, of hitting every single Ironman on the circuit? Well I have forever to get that done. I'm gonna be the 90+ year old lady crossing that finish line at 16:59... Lisa McCombs, for the 107th time, you ARE an Ironman. Oh yeah, it's happening!!

2016 my sights are set on Ironman Brazil (May), Ironman Wisconsin (September), and Ironman Cozumel (Nov/Dec).

Thank you for continuing to support my journey to Kona. I hope I've encouraged or inspired you to some point (at some point) and you learn a little from my experiences. Or just make you smile.
The biggest thank you's of all go to my two biggest fans: my momma and Phil. Money, love, support, shoulders, and ears. My two best friends **hearts**

Remember, I'm a Coach and always accepting new clients if you want to jump on the crazy train. I love working with beginners. I can bring you to your first 5k, your first triathlon, or just get you moving and grooving! IM Texas and Barcelona are OPEN...