If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Is It Seriously October!?


How did October get here already!? We are in the fall. NOOOO, I love the summer... Really though, how is it October? Do you realize Christmas is only 85 days away!? Oh my gosh, I DO love Christmas though. And I'm thinking about spending it in Europe...

So September, what a month, right!? Can I get an instant replay? But play it in slow motion because it went by WAY too fast...
Started the month with a reverse tri. Super fun!
Traveled north to TN for a 70.3. What a tough race! 
I worked. A lot. How did I work so much AND get so much training in? 
Spent a weekend in Pensacola. What amazing memories linger; and new friends!! **hearts**
Timed quite a few races. Nearly every weekend!
More training. Phew, looking at this calendar is making me tired...
Hoka night. Keesler Mini Tri. 2 5k's in one day. The Rhino Run. 
A bunch of my friends completed their first Ironman. Their first 70.3's. 
My athletes ROCKED their training.
Man, what a good month. How is October going to top September? HOW!?

Let's see...

Upcoming October Adventures:
Weekend camping trip! Complete with 2 hour run and open water swimming. Don't forget the s'mores!
The Southern Magnolia. I'll be biking my 4 hours. Running 30 minutes. Then working a water stop for hundreds of thirsty cyclists.
Lots of races to time.
Hub City Hustle ~previously Mighty Magnolia which BY THE WAY, was my first triathlon ever. So it's kind of a special date special venue ~ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION!
And then... my favorite part of October... AUSTIN 70.3 !! I'm not racing, I'm pulling sherpa duty. But shout out time, my AMAZING friends Kim, Trish, and Brian will all be racing their very first 70.3. Holy moly, I'm shaking with excitement!! That day will be filled with some serious tears. These 3 are 3 of my most special friends on EARTH.

What else do you want to do? Who's up for what? You name it, I'm in. Wanna jump out of a plane? Try a new restaurant? Sip some coffee on the beach for a sunrise? Let's do it. COUNT ME IN.

Hello October, welcome to 2014 and my life of amazing (and so fortunate) ADVENTURE!