If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

4 Weeks To Ironman Arizona


Wow, this training cycle is FLYING by!! 4 weeks to go...

Monday, October 13, 2014: it was a great morning! A nice surprise from a friend, coffee, my apple pie english muffin. I don't know what happened... but I transformed to grumpy and depressed quick! I should have gotten out of the house a little sooner, but I didn't. So while swimming, I get a message, "don't forget house inspection at 1pm today." CRAP! Good thing I even checked my phone. So my 4,000 swim turned into a 1,500 swim (don't worry, that will be corrected Wednesday). I rushed home and got Jake out of the house for a couple hours while some strange guy could wander around poking and prodding. While gone, I reserved my storage space but returned home for a mild panic attack that I have to pack my house and move out. I should have gone for a ride or run. But I packed. And then I bummed. And then I watched Prison Break. And then I slept. Hard. Tomorrow (today) is new...
The Trainer ~insert dramatic music
Tuesday, October 14, 2014: I OVERSLEPT!! Dang it!! But it's okay, a quick day at the shop and I'm going to hit the trainer and a run this evening...
1:30 (30 miles) on the trainer and then 45 (14 miles) more minutes for my yesterday of slacking. The trainer tail (pictured below) is a mess of hair wound chaotically on the top of your head for more efficient pedaling on the trainer. In case you were wondering...
It got too dark to go for a run so that's happening tomorrow morning... Along with a LONGgggg swim.
^^ The Infamous Trainer Tail ^^

Chilly Waters Await Me...
Wednesday, October 14, 2014: it wasn't too chilly after all. The outside was chilly. But the water was perfect. I got my lazy bum up and out of there this morning for a 4,000 meter swim (2.5 miles). Yep, got that done in about 1 and a half hours. BOOM. A quiet afternoon to myself.

Thursday, October 15, 2014: a 3 hour run. A 3 HOUR RUN (insert Gilligan's Island music). And wouldn't you know it, I set my alarm for 4am and was dead asleep by 8pm. I woke up at 7. Good grief! No worries, a meeting at 8 and then I was off and running by 10:30. Not horribly hot today and low humidity. I decided that I wanted 18 miles no matter what. At 3 hours I wasn't quite there and kept going. 3:22 was my final time with 18 miles behind me. Today's odd craving: tater tots. I once got in a fight at Winn Dixie for some tater tots. Funny story actually. Finished the evening at home. With Jake. Right where I'm supposed to be.

Friday, October 16, 2014: a day of rest. But not entirely. Worked at the shop. I have a race tomorrow!!

Saturday, October 17, 2014: Hub City Hustle sprint triathlon!!

Sunday, October 18, 2014: attempted to head out on a 6 hour bike ride. My shoes are soaking wet and it's pretty chilly out. I'm not all about being miserable with cold yuck feet so I am delaying ride until tomorrow am. I spent the day packing. And hiding in a closet. <---seriously.