If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

No, I DON'T Have To

"You are 34 years old, at some point you have to settle down."
Wait, what? Settle down? Wasn't I already settled down? Haven't I already been there?

I settled into college for a couple of degrees. I settled into working for the man, busting my ass for years until, I settled into an Army career for yet some more years. I settled (I didn't settle settle, I love Phil very much and was thrilled to marry him. Just using "settle" for writing flow purposes. Stop reading so much into things!) into a marriage and housewife position. I had 9-5 jobs. I owned a house and paid mortgage. I played in that life already. I WAS "settled down".
I'm 34 years old, it's time to UNSETTLE; it's time to LIVE!! I am at a point in my life that I can spread my wings and fly! I don't have to do what society tells me to do. I don't have to be "normal".
Go to college, get a career, get married, buy a house, have kids, paint your white picket fence and adopt a dog. I did all that (minus the kids). So, no, I don't have to settle down anymore.

THIS is the life I'm choosing to live and I think I'm doing okay.
THIS is what makes me happy.
Maybe it's crazy to you, uncanny, selfish. But settled down gives me anxiety. I can't do the same life over and over and over and over - day in day out. I have to be moving and grooving and learning and coming and going. I'm inside out, upside down, and everywhere in between. I like it like this.
Now I'm not saying quit your job, leave your family, and go wander into the depths of South Africa, what I'm saying is, open your eyes to other options. ^ that isn't the way it has to be for everyone. I find my "settled down" in living ~adventure, wandering the depths of South Africa...

"Some people have different ways than yours of having fun. You can't judge em', you can't dismiss em', and you can't say, 'What an idiot. What a fool.' You just have to accept their truth of their harmony with what they wanna do in their heart. As long as it's not hurting anyone."

^^^ great point!! And some people have different ways than yours of living their life. Telling someone their way of living is wrong or misguided is in itself, wrong and misguided!

I don't think you're wrong for settling down.
I don't think I'm right for unsettling down.
I think we all have a choice of how to live our life.
You can follow a societal standard.
Or you can create your own standard.
I have never been more happy (or grateful, fortunate, BLESSED) than I am right now. Today. Unsettled. In this perfect beautiful healthy life that I have created for myself.

Now, who's up for an adventure? Because you might not be able to live in a constant state of adventure, but surely you can sacrifice a day or two to go on one !!??