If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

7 Days of Writing for Me: Dear Future Me

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Dear Future Me,

You still hate taking out the trash. It's a man's job.

Most of the moves you've made are good moves. Every decision made presented a new opportunity.

You WERE skinny. Cause look at you now. Shut up.

People aren't always going to get you, understand you, or even like you. It's okay. It's not your problem, it's theirs.

Hey, no regrets. Okay?

Sweet dreams ARE made of this.

Got a problem? Address is directly. Not via social media, text messaging, or to other people. Straight to the source. It's what grown ups do.

It's okay that you're different.

You're allowed to hurt. Cry.

Always love (AND EAT) cookies. Eat the damn cookie!!

Stop being so hard on yourself.

You are beautiful.

Go get a pedicure. I'm CERTAIN you need one...

Call your Grandma.

Stop letting people bother you. Are you okay with you? Then let that nonsense go. You say it yourself, Be You. And be okay with being you.

Did you get those abs yet?

Some of the best days, they haven't even happened yet! How exciting!!

Don't forget to renew your CPR card. You forget about that thing every time!

Sign up for a double ironman. Do it!! You crazy ass, DO IT!

Remember that you are loved. Sure there are haters, but I think a majority of folks in your life are on your side. Don't take this for granted. Be grateful and humble.

Is your future anything like you thought it'd be? I bet not. It's okay though. You can't determine the future based on your past. I'm here though and trust me, life is good!

Forgive. Holding on hurts you. I hate when you're hurt because I'm so happy. So...

Smile. Laugh. Aw, yes, that feels better.

LOVE. Don't ever stop loving like you do.
those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Go move a mountain.

Right where you are, it's right where you're supposed to be.

Dear Future Me, You're Ready.