If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

5 Weeks to Ironman Arizona


Monday, October 6, 2014: 4,200 meter swim. That's 2.6 miles in American distance. That's a legit swim right there. I really didn't even mean to. I just swam. 500 warm up. 500 of drills. Then 2 x 1,500 steady and a 200 cool down. It felt great. I feel great. Where's my cheeseburger?


Tuesday, October 7, 2014: prepare for TMI... So there I was prepared to do a 1 hour and 30 minute bike ride. Headed out. Knew something wasn't right in the belly but pushed on. So close to a finish when it struck, a stomach cramp so intense that I nearly puked. Oh boy, I need a toilet RIGHT NOW. The side of the road wasn't going to be sufficient for this one. 3 miles out, I can make it. Suddenly through the trees, a glorious porta jon in the middle of a field (utilized by the church soccer team). I cross over two lanes of traffic, the median, two more lanes of traffic, and through the field toward the pj. I conduct my first ever flying dismount and leap into the jon just in time. I couldn't get my booty on that seat quick enough. PHEW! I was sweating people, SWEATING! I would have loved to see myself crossing over that highway. LOL!
Did I get my 1:30? YES! 28 miles. What I didn't get was my 45minute run after. I attempted it but required yet another pit stop. So I'm going to do it first thing tomorrow morning! Finished the day with 3 of my favorites: sushi, Trish, and coaching. And then of course playtime with my Jakey monster.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014: I have thoroughly enjoyed my morning. Coffee with pumpkin creamer. Breakfast. Playing with Jake. I forgot all about my dentist appointment. GULP! But I made it right in time. Another long swim today... 3000 meters done. And my friend (and athlete) Trish joined me for the rest of the week of crazy fun training!!!


Thursday, October 9, 2014: a quick bike ride on Grand Bear ^ look how beautiful!! - 24 miles in an hour and 25 minutes. Not too shabby for an "easy" ride... The rest of the day was spent at the shop selling some shoes and enjoying local athletes.


Friday, October 10, 2014: 60 minute run with Trish. Almost 6 miles. And a day at the shop. Nothing crazy or funny to report. Just a good solid run. I hit 60 minutes she hit 2 HOURS! Holla!!
A night out for one of my best friends birthday dinner and YES, COOKIE CAKE!!

IMAG2731 What a nice surprise at 4 hours and 45 minutes to discover my bike today is only 5 hours, not 6 like I thought. 89 miles in 5:12. I shoulda gone the extra mile huh? You shut it, you don't even know!! ...cheeseburger..... #ilovetoridemybicycle #triathletes

Saturday, October 11, 2014: another early Saturday to time a race. I honestly dislike timing races before a long training event. I get too tired. I'm hungry. Dehydrated. But I do it / did it anyway. Started my (what I thought) 6 hour bike ride near 10am. My favorite cycling partner in crime biked the first 3 hours with me. The most excitement: our extremely complicated political conservation (debate) and the random country festival in the middle of nowhere around mile 30. Oh, and the convoy of horse and buggies!! After I dropped Dave off, I set out for my final 3 hours. Not 20 minutes into my solo loop, I flatted. Ugly little staple looking piece of metal caught my tire. No biggie, I got this! Changed it quickly and looped back to my car to top off my air. Around 4:45 I checked my training peaks to discover I had only a 5 hour bike ride. SCORE! I called it complete and headed back. Finished at 5 hours and 12 minutes with 89 miles. I know I know, how do I sleep at night. I should have could have would have done the extra mile. But hey, I was hungry!


Sunday, October 12, 2014: 2 hour and 45 minute run for 16 miles of HOT running. I actually felt like I walked a lot. But for the mileage in that amount of time, I guess I didn't! My first loop I went off road a little bit on the path behind my house to hit a new route. Lots of hills and a few dogs to raise my heart rate. 86* with 90% humidity. PHEW! But hey, guess what? It's done :) (thumbs up)
Hit the lake for 1.44 mile on the stand up paddle board then I swam for 1/2 a mile. Lots of hard work and I need more food... Made crack balls with Trish (an upcoming blog post!!)

Swim: 4.9 miles
Bike: 141 miles
Run: 25 miles
SUP: 1.44 miles

Solid week. One more big week (which includes a sprint tri) and then it's recovery and taper time!
Thank you for all the encouragement received daily. You really push me to be better day after day.