Saturday, October 4, 2014

Writer's Block


I started all this blogging stuff because someone told me I should. I commonly used "Notes" on Facebook and I guess they were pretty good. Or at least interesting.
I've always been somewhat of a writer. In junior high school I wrote a suicide letter so powerful during a creative writing session that the guidance counselor and principle called my mom in for a meeting. I was just writing ~oi I have notebooks of journals and lots of diaries I've piled up over the years. Short stories, poetry, boy reports... They are kind of silly to read now but hey, they're pretty good for a kid! 

So now I'm an adult and thanks to the almighty internet, journaling has become public: BLOGGING. It's all still new to me and all very different. At times I'm even uncomfortable (take my recent "Nightmares" post. That scared the heck out of me to post that. I mean, nobody wants to be judged and that's kind of a private part of my life. And then to be shamed for it!? More oi. But whatever, that's what happens when you put it out there...). So why share then? *shrug* I don't know ? It's kind of therapeutic I guess. Sharing is caring ? Maybe I can relate to or help someone with their own struggles ? To stir emotions in you. And p.s. if I am stirring emotions in you, I'm doing something right. So, many reasons. But helping others is probably my #1. I'm pretty fixed on changing the world. And if that means impacting one life, so be it.

So, but anyway... before my blog when I shared on "Notes" I just wrote when I wanted to. Ranting, sharing, race or adventure reports... But blogging, you have to keep the reader interested or your blog falls off the face of the planet. You also have to share WAY more about yourself than you anticipated. Which is fine, because I still get to choose WHAT I share, but to whom, that is the question... 
I try to do a post everyday and by looking at my blog, you can see there's no rhyme or reason (except Mondays, I always post my x Weeks to Ironman Arizona ~it's my accountability project). Otherwise, I'm pretty random and all over the place. When I don't know WHAT to write, I ask my friends, "What should I blog about for tomorrow?" And when all else fails, pictures. I LOVE PICTURES!! I so do. Selfies, Jake, landscape, flowers, friends, strangers, kids, dogs...I LOVE PICTURES!

So, but, more anyway... I'm challenging myself to a 7 day writing project. It might not be 7 consecutive days (because adventures MUST be posted in between) but I'm basically taking 7 different topics (that have been randomly selected by a panel of judges) and blogging about each. Should I list the 7 topics for you? I think I will...maybe it'll make you want to come back and read them. It will be titled simply, 7 Days of Writing For Me. 

The reason I'm doing this? To challenge myself; open up my mind, heart, and soul. To entertain you. I love making you think, smile, laugh, cry, FEEL. Relate. Understand. And, because, why not? :)

7 Days of Writing For Me:
1 - What Scares You?
5 - How Do You Stand Out From a Crowd
7 - What is the Dominant Emotion in Your Life Right...This...Moment...

These are going to be TOUGH! 


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