If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Smashfest Queen

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Seriously, I absolutely love Smashfest Queen! The owners AND their designs. And look, now they have trucker hats!!

So Christina found Smashfest online and we immediately bought a tri kit. Since then, I've bought almost every kit design they have! They are bright and girly and cute and colorful. PERFECT! 

We got to meet professional triathlete and co-founder of Smashfest Queen, Hillary Biscay, in Coeur d'Alene and friended her quickly. Now today, in Austin, I got to meet Michele Landry, co-founder of Smashfest Queen and amazing athlete. Y'all, these ladies are SWEET, beautiful, talented, and SO friendly. I adore them! 

They are so accepting of feedback too (as I introduced Trish who is 7'8" over here and can't find a tri kit to fit properly ~okay, 6'10"). They were super responsive in not only finding one that works, but MAKING one that works <3 I love service and care like this! I encourage you to check out their gear and when you see them at an expo, stop by for a meet and greet and a tri kit!
Tell them Lisa with Tri Our Adventure sent you.

Hanging with the @smashfestqueen girls. Love them, love their designs!! #smashfestqueen #triouradventure