If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Trolley's, Harnesses, Unicorns, and Lake Travis

ABM_1414113927.jpg Trish, "Let's go zip lining in Austin."
Lisa, "Only HELL yeah!"
I've never been zip lining in my life. A new adventure, YAY!...
Welcome to Lake Travis Zip Line Adventures, YOU'RE going to be a unicorn!
And you, Trish, YOU'RE gonna be a mohawk queen. Okay then, let's go do some zip lining...
So let's meet our new friends:
The 6 Engineers (Steve, Brett, John, Greg, Joel, Lynn)
Mother & Son (D and Roy)
2 Crazy Triathlete Girls (Trish & Lisa)
Tour Guides (not pictured) Chris (Rex) & Nick
Zip Line School and "Bunny" Zip:
YourPhoto_0005 YourPhoto_0002

Trish's first zip line:


Lisa's first zip line:

Note my death grip because I was TERRIFIED! Tears, shaking, frozen, TERRIFIED. There's a fun video coming soon!

After two "practice" zip lines, we are ready for big time...
Leap of Faith:
these crazy mo fo's want us to fall backwards off this mountain leaned back into a back bend. I'm sorry, WHATTT !?
IMAG2866 IMAG2855

No back bend for Trish, she has a race Sunday!!:

IMAG2880IMAG2881 IMAG2882

Damaris let's go:

IMAG2877 IMAG2878 IMAG2879

Lynn's a little more conservative:

YourPhoto_0064 YourPhoto_0052 YourPhoto_0046 YourPhoto_0040 YourPhoto_0038

Roy let's go:

IMAG2874 IMAG2875 IMAG2876 IMAG2865
YourPhoto_0015 YourPhoto_0016

Race Line:

YourPhoto_0018 YourPhoto_0017

Lisa's Review: having never done this, with no idea what to expect, by the end, it was pretty freaking fun. The first two lines were insanely terrifying. It was hard to take that jump. The next line was STUPID fast and long and high. You have to see the VIDEO (coming soon). The third was longer but a little easier, relaxing even. And the final line was super fun - side by side racing lines.
There was some hiking. Especially to the final line. You have to climb in order to zip line down so be prepared. This company though, they have iced coolers with water at nearly every line. They take VERY good care of ya. Unless you leave your trolley at the bottom ~then you have to hike back down and get it yourself and hike back up.

It's about 2 total miles of hiking uphill. You have plenty of time to recover though at each line while you wait your turn. The guides are fun, funny, courteous but "socially aggressive", professional but very personable, and serious about safety. They were truly a hoot and made the whole experience a blast ~never a dull moment. They will jerk your chain, make you laugh, and push you off the deck. For real.

I'm actually shocked by my reaction to zip lining. I never would have expected to be so afraid to do something. They really took me out of my comfort zone and wouldn't allow me to limit myself. And even though reluctant to hike to every single next line, it was a damn good time.

Meanwhile, Trish was beebopping to each next line...
Trish's Review: fun, amazing, hilarious, the tour guides were the best, GO DO IT! Majestic, beautiful scenery, amazing. A MUST DO!
^^ A woman of few words ;)

Bottom Line: BOOK A TOUR with this adventure. It is guaranteed a good time! Unforgettable! And stay tuned for the video. As soon as I can get enough internet to upload, you're gonna love it.