If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Weekly Accountability

Remember my weekly posts for training accountability? They are starting back up.

Not that I'm not doing my workouts, I really just like having a weekly log to share with you. It kind of helps me love each training session a little more. I don't know how to fully explain this, but I pay more attention to my surroundings and how I'm feeling during the workout when I know I will be reporting it. Training Peaks is responsible for maintaining my data, the brain of my training, the numbers; this is responsible for maintaining heart and soul. Yeah, I like that.

Upcoming events: RnR Marathon, Puerto Rico 70.3, New Orleans 70.3, and Ironman Texas

Let's fly back to last Sunday...
Sunday, Dec 28, 2014: 10 mile run (which followed a 10 mile run from Saturday night). After sleeping for 5 days and then a few rainy days, I missed my 20 mile run in preparation for RnR Marathon coming up. My buddy Dean recommended I split it up and do 11 or 12 p.m. and then 10 in the a.m. So I did. And it felt good. It was windy and rained on me a little, but I felt better to get the mileage in.

Monday, Dec 29, 2014: a very quick 2,500 meter swim. It REALLY helps when I have the Navy Seals training next to me. I have nothing to prove to anyone, but I pretend like they're watching me and thinking, WOW that girl can swim forever! Cause I'm watching them and thinking WOW those guys abs are forever!! ;) Hee hee!

Tuesday, Dec 30, 2014: I took a rest day and worked at the shop all day.


Wednesday, Dec 31, 2014: a fun workout with a few of my athletes. We started with a 2,200 meter swim. Next we did some fun calisthenics and some serious abs. We followed that with 100m windsprints. Sprinting is so not easy! Later that night, a short New Year's Eve Glow Run with another group of friends and then celebrated New Year's at the Hard Rock - danced the night away!!


Thursday, Jan 1, 2015: Happy New Year! No workouts necessary today, just a Polar Bear Plunge into the Gulf with 50+ of my favorite people. Honestly, it wasn't as cold as last year! I'm ready for some open water swimming!!

Friday, Jan 2, 2015: another rest day (seriously, New Year's Eve celebrations aren't as easy as they used to be!!). I did work at the shop all day though.

Saturday, Jan 3, 2015: with little motivation, I managed to get in a 45 minute 5 mile run. A very rainy day. The rain sucks away motivation, doesn't it? Can I have this scientifically proven!!??
Finished today with some of my most favorite people on earth - Run-N-Tri employee party!!

Sunday, Jan 4, 2015: THERE'S my motivation, with my athletes :) Nailed a 2 hour bike ride with 35 miles. Super fun head wind made for a fast return. 2 loops like that and some Juan Tequilas tacos for recovery. A perfect day!