If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Janel Carothers


I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and work in Economic Development. I have always loved swimming, and after years of trying to find a sustainable fitness habit, I stumbled into triathlons! I am a pretty terrible runner – I actually realized while training for my first half marathon in 2013 there was no way in the world I ever wanted to do a full marathon. Looking for alternative races, Lisa got me training for Tradition's Triathlon. Completely terrified and unprepared, my first ride during Road to Tradition's included me not knowing how to down shift my borrowed bike (ouch!) and thinking the course looped around. I was extremely disappointed when I realized I had to turn around and ride back. The triathlon community is the nicest group of people I’ve ever encountered and inspire me to be a better person.

I’ve completed Tradition's Triathlon and RocketChix in Baton Rouge, and hope to do some more sprints and mini sprints this year. I would love to eventually do a half Ironman. I love triathlons because it forces me to continually improve my discipline and grit.