If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Reliable Equipment


Hello TOA friends, fans, and family!!

Just a quick reminder to check your gear!! Bicycles have been chilling in the garage, shoes piled in the closet, and swim gear hiding in your bag. The thing is, tires and tubes can dry rot, you forget how many miles have been collected on your shoes, and goggles can lose their fog free and leak free abilities. Having reliable equipment is fundamental for a successful training season!!

From my experience, comfort and reliability are the two most important features of triathlon equipment. That doesn't mean you need to buy the most expensive gear on the market, but we certainly get what we pay for in our sport!! And the bonus, good equipment will last!


So what do you need? What are the basic needs of triathlon?
Here is my list of necessities and optionals...
Swim Necessity: swim cap, goggles, suit (I include swim cap because they are mandatory in most races)
Swim Optional: ear plugs, nose plug, wetsuit, buoy, hand paddles, fins

Bike Necessity: a comfortable bike with proper fitting, bike shoes, helmet, tri or bike shorts
Bike Optional: so many options! Sunglasses for sure!! Upgraded seat and components, race wheels, hydration system, bento box (for your nutrition), uh oh bag (with 2 extra tubes, air canisters and inflator, tire levers, and tool set)

Run Necessity: shoes with proper fitting
Run Optional: YurBuds, hydration bottle or similar, watch, reflective gear and apparel, compression, sweat wicking socks... again, so many options!!

You could really spend a lot of money on all this. I recommend starting with the basics, the necessities. And upgrading as you can afford. Yes, the best and most reliable equipment is usually more expensive, but also taking good care of what you've got is important.


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