If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

I'm Off To See the Wizard


I'm starting off my year of adventures with a trip to Kansas. After two years in Germany, Phil is returning and being stationed at Fort Riley. You didn't think I was gonna leave him stranded up there searching for the yellow brick road without me, did ya!? Heck to the no, I'm going to help him find it!

I'm honestly a little nervous about making the 14 hour'ish drive solo in the RV. I'm going to give myself plenty of time though and rest often. In the midst of getting Phil settled in, i.e. find a truck and a place to live, we are gonna explore the "To Do" scene and if and when we have time, a quick trip to Missouri for family hugs too!

The RV is set to go (yes mom, I remembered to put down the antenna).
My co-pilot is ready for the adventure.
OFF to see the wizard... *skipping* (in a very 'driving a big RV' kinda way)
The wonderful wizard of Oz.
Because Because Because Because Becauuuuussssseeee...