If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

I Ran 1 Mile Everyday

from Thanksgiving Day to New Year's Day, I ran (at least) 1 mile every single day.

2015-01-02_23.06.07.jpg 2015-01-02_23.14.08.jpg 2015-01-02_23.18.18.jpg 2015-01-02_23.21.07.jpg

Some days I ran fast, some days I ran slow. Some days I ran with Jake, some alone. Some with friends. Some just 1 mile. Some more than 1 mile. But always at least 1 mile.

I ran in Arizona, a random park on the side of the highway, a Walmart parking lot, in Gulfport, on the beach, on the Navy base, in neighborhoods, and on a trail. I ran on treadmills, I ran after I rode, I ran in the rain, I ran in the dark, and yep, I even ran in flip flops.

My fastest mile was 7:10. My slowest mile was 14:30 (we stopped and chatted with a friend). I think my most interesting run was the Walmart parking lot coming back from Arizona.

I wish I had some amazing epiphany to report, but I don't. I just made a decision to run a mile everyday and I did it. And I have this cool collage that came from it. *shrug* that's it! Ha ha!

That's not entirely true though... because I did get something out of this. I made time EVERY SINGLE DAY to do a run. I proved to myself that there IS time to MAKE time every day. I never felt like it was a chore since it was a "challenge". I was excited to take my little picture every day and try to run somewhere different every run.

And here's what I think YOU can get out of this...
You're used to seeing me swimming, biking, and running for HOURS. Always training for my next endurance event. And your thoughts are often, "I could never...", watching from your computer or smart phone. Well, you don't HAVE to go far and forever. Not every workout has to be an epic adventure. 1 mile everyday takes 7:10-14:30 minutes! I feel like, if this is all the time you have, use it! Take advantage of it! Get outside, break a sweat, take in the day, move your booty!!!