If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Northerners, you are bad ass!

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I kinda went overboard I think...

After deciding on a hotel, I also decided on a bottle of wine, a hot bath, and a thin crust pizza.

I DID do a 65 minute trainer ride and some calisthenics, but my bath was ridiculously long, I drank entirely too much wine, and have very little pizza left over (insert sideways face!!).

Phil is stuck in Chicago until tomorrow. Bad weather. Dang this weather! Living in the south makes ya forget about snow, ice, flight delays, and how on earth do people workout in this stuff!? I don't even want to run to my car let alone run several miles. It hurts my face!!

Here's a moment of YOU ARE A BAD ASS to all my northern tri and running friends. Seriously. SERIOUSLY!

I'm going to hit my trainer again in the morning, a run on the treadmill, and there's an indoor pool. A very short indoor pool. Maybe a few hundred "laps" will help burn off this pizza pizza.

And then back on track!
House. Truck. Phil. <--- not necessarily in that order

Making magic in Kansas!!

p.s. looking at Training Peaks, my athletes are pretty bad ass too! #justsaying