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Chee what?
So as you may or may not know, I am an official blogger for Crescent City Classic 2015. First of all, CCC is one of the oldest 10k races in the nation. Having been praised in every major running publication as “one of America’s fastest 10k’s”, “the originator of the party race”, “an Easter Weekend tradition that should never be missed” and “a great race, on a beautiful course in America’s most unique city”... it is absolutely one of my favorites TOO! And I'm super pumped to blog about training, the race, and sponsors OF the race. Which brings me to CheeWees...

Elmer's Fine Foods, Inc of New Orleans are the inventors, manufacturers, and distributors of CheeWees. What I love about Elmer's Fine Foods is that it is a family owned and operated business. SHOP LOCAL! The fifth generation of the Elmer family is running the joint and making their snacks on site daily. FRESHNESS! An interesting fact about the company, they have started from scratch twice. TWICE! It all started in 1855 as a candy company (history gap~read more here) to 2005 when Hurricane Katrina completely wiped them out. It took 16 months, but Elmer's CheeWees was up and running again by 2007. To be able to stand up a successful business (and especially in today's economy) is impressive.

So how do the CCC 10k and CheeWees come together? CheeWees is an official sponsor of the CCC 10k! What does that mean for me? A box full of cheese curls! And in five different flavors. Flavor Flave!! Okay, so we've got original flavor (cheese!!), bbq, green onion, hot-n-spicy, and jalapeño. They also offer caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn, and jumbo peanuts. I know, I opened the box and it was a like a circus showed up on my doorstep. Score!! Where's the cotton candy!? Know what I love about these snacks? They're BAKED not fried!

I haven't eaten my way through every flavor yet but I can attest for the original and the jalapeño flavor - DELICIOUS! I especially enjoyed the original. The jalapeño had a slight kick but there was another flavor going on in there that I couldn't quite place. Not bad, AT ALL, just different. I'm kinda pumped to try the green onion and the bbq...
Just tried the bbq. My favorite!! So good. It's not overwhelming, very subtle bbq. Good!

Their various snack packages make great gifts for "A Taste of New Orleans" or for your pantry  ~late night cheese craving anybody?! Or for the lunch box. So, HERE, go check them out and give them a try.

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Visit them at www.elmerscheewees.com
But most importantly, TASTE THEM.
Oh, and register for CCC 10k, April 4th

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