If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Brandon Dethloff


I relocated to the coast in 2001 from Georgia to finish college at the University of Southern Mississippi and once here I began to enjoy the unique qualities of the gulf coast such as the people, area, lifestyle, and water. I have always played sports throughout my life, but two years I started running for health and enjoyment which soon led to swimming and eventually cycling.

In the spring of last year I stumbled upon the Ticking Tri Bombs road to tradition's training camp which compelled me to train and complete the 4th annual Tradition's Triathlon. I surpassed the personal goals that I had set for myself in that race and decided the next year I would try a half Ironman. This year I signed up with Coach Lisa McCombs for the Tri Our Adventure Team training for the New Orleans 70.3 half Ironman and have not looked back. I am looking forward to April for the New Orleans race and to see the personal gains of myself and members of the group over the next few months.

My first memory of a Triathlon was when I saw the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon on T.V. many years ago which I now associate with the time, effort, and desire to do something that not everyone is willing to do in life. The sport brings self focus, self reliability, determination, and desire to overcome obstacles in life, but also brings a whole community of people that are experiencing the same trials and tribulations and often bonds people together throughout the experience. My favorite part of the sport happens on the morning of the race when the butterflies start, nervousness sets in, and the senses heighten. At that point, it's all about trusting the training and having a good race.