If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Ed Sylvester


I grew up in a small town near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, lived there most of my life. Sleepy seaside town that you read about in books. When I was growing up, only about 3,500 people. Grew up playing mostly baseball. Also played a lot of ice hockey on the cranberry bogs, basketball, and football. Swam in the ocean all summer.

Went to college and finally graduated met my now wife at college. Did my internship at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Brockton, MA. So went and worked in the liquor business for 6 years in Boston. Left the liquor business and did tree work for 2 years. Then moved to sunny Florida. Best decision ever!!! No more cold, snow, ice, grey freezing sleeting days anymore. 

So this is where my triathlon journey started. It all started at dinner one night at my wife's friends house. She lost 100lbs training for the St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Pete Florida. We went to cheer her friend on and turned to my wife and said I doing this race next year. This next year found me moving to Mississippi at the beginning of training because a once in a lifetime job for my wife with the U.S. Army (civilian). 

Since then: 6 sprint distance triathlons, 3 Olympic distance triathlons, 2 duathlons, 2 half marathons.
Currently training for my first 70.3 and really excited about it. The words that my friends would use to describe me: persistent and professional. 

Life Experience: Account Manager for Corona. Sales, marketing, merchandising; was a Sales Consultant for Southern Wine and Spirits. Management Assistant for Enterprise Rent a Car. Sales Service Representative for Cintas. Now I currently manage the Run-N-Tri store in Slidell, LA. From small town to triathlon life!!