If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

When Thank You Isn't Enough


Have you ever been in a situation where thank you just doesn't seem like enough? When you are so surprised, overwhelmed, and/or delighted that the words "thank you" just seem unsatisfactory, insufficient, absurd even!? What can I possibly say or do to show you how grateful I am?

Cartwheels across your lawn? Daily hugs for a year?

How about a heartfelt blog post?
Standing in front of you, I might be lost for words. But in writing, they flow...

My life is full of people who love me. Support me. Think of me. Inspire me. Appreciate me. Lift me up. Train with me. Trust me. Listen to me. Respect me. Protect me. Need me.
I am inundated with words of encouragement, positive messages, good luck, wishes, good vibes, Godspeed, notes, gifts, cards, and often, cookies (or cupcakes ;)

This is your BIGGER than thank you...

You inspire me, motivate me, drive me to get out of bed and live every day. You make me see past all the ugly, hurt, and pain. You make me want to adventure and experience and BELIEVE. You make me want to smile, laugh, DANCE through my day. You make me feel trust and security and love like it's supposed to feel...you make me feel real. You make me want to love you endlessly. You make me feel proud of who I am, grateful for who I used to be, and excited for who I'm to become...
You make me want to be a better person.

You make me want to be a better person. 

And even the words in this post will never be enough. Cartwheels on your lawn, daily hugs, the most eager thank you thank you thank you... insufficient.
But what I think you expect of me... is to be that better person. Better than I was yesterday. And the next, better than I am today. A special person full of love and life that will reach out and touch lives and be for others what you are to me. To love deeply. Be healthy. Forgive. Be happy. And stay happy.

And that's how I will thank you. THAT is how I thank you.
"May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave."