If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Race Report: Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Tri from Pamela





We drove the two hours from Mississippi to Gulf Shores and the entire time I felt like I was forgetting something…I didn’t! We arrived in enough time to shop at Publix, settle into the condo (which was a PERFECT location…cannot complain about seeing the race course buoys from the balcony) and enjoy the beach for an hour before heading to packet pickup (cue race butterflies).

Race packet pickup and bike check in went smooth. Back to the condo for dinner and chill time (well sorta since hubs phone went missing so ATT store diversion while our awesome friends cooked dinner). Family dinner with the Sylvester’s before race gear organizing and goofiness before heading to bed.

4AM and I jumped out of the bed before the alarm. Gagged down my peanut butter, very little strawberry jelly, sandwich, took a quick shower (it just makes me feel better) and hung near the porcelain (it always happens!!) I think it was right around 530AM and we drove the half mile to the race start. The pterodactyls were kicking but I was nicely distracted bumping into Jesse and my OBGYN!!! Potty line for a quick empty then over to the beach to watch the sprinters start. Wait!! That is Cheryl (another SteelMagNOLA). I got to snap some pics and see friends come out of the water when I suddenly realized my race was lining up. I found Charlene and we brought our bond to a whole new level, peeing side by side in the sand before headed back to line.

Before I know it…”657…GO”. The swim was two 750 meter swims with a quick 100ish foot jog in the sand between. I freaked myself out on the first lap when the clear bottom got dark . Out of the water, jog, head back in for lap two a bit winded. I finally relaxed and talked myself through “LONG STROKE AND RELAX”.

Out of the water and my back was killing me, up the sand to the steps, quick cheer from the most dedicated Sherpa (my hubby) to T1 where I kinda dry off and rinse with fresh water. OUCH!!! Chafed under each arm AND on my hair line from the swim cap!!! No time to handle this now…I was off on the bike. The wind was kicking and I knew I had to embrace the aero bars. Cruised along nicely and there it was…A HILLY BRIDGE!!! Thank you Diamondhead for your hill training!! Up and down the hill, more wind, more time in the aero bars. My back seemed to stretch out some. About 15 miles in I had to pee but would not pee in motion and would not stop. My seat would love to find a seat that does not hurt!!!

Back to transition for T2. I had to pee!! Well, there I sat on the pavement changing from bike to running shoes and I had to STOP completely and just pee! Ahhhh…much better. Out T2 and onto the run.

I started off strong. The first mile or two was great then came the WALL!! The heat was kicking my ass!!! Run, walk, walk, walk, dump water over my head, swish water in my mouth, run, walk. I made it back to mile 5 and adrenalin kicked and I ‘piddle jogged’ it to the finish line. Beau, Ed and Charlene cheering me on to the finish. I crossed and I cried.
3:33 is respectable for my first Olympic Tri but I wanted faster and I let the run beat me. Post race grub at the host restaurant so we could hang for awards. “Pamela Williams First Place Athena”. I’ll take it!!! Overall, Brett Robinson Tri was a great, well organized, first race and I loved sharing the experience with special friends!!!!