If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Race Ready

The infamous race ready photo!! #riverblufftri #triouradventure #triathletesarecrazy @smashfestqueen @cervelo
The Swim - Cumberland River - RiverBluff Park - Ashland, TN
Transition - RiverBluff Triathlon - Ashland, TN

What does it mean to be race ready? Does anyone ever really feel ready? I mean, I did a full Ironman less than 2 months ago and I still don't feel ready for my race today - a half ironman distance.

So here's what we have to do...

TRUST YOUR TRAINING. I say it to my athletes all the time and while it's true, it's still hard to listen to. My response is GRRRR... cause I know it's true. But wait, have I been training!? What have I been doing the last few weeks!? I have to physically go back and look at my training logs. Aha! THAT'S why it's SO important to keep a log! (HINT HINT athletes!).
I would say that all these miles in the pool, all these hours in the saddle, and run after run after run of miles is trust worthy. PHEW, super glad I keep a log!

DO IT ANYWAY. Yeah, I'm nervous. Yeah, you can even call it a little scared. But isn't that what makes it so thrilling?! Isn't that why I keep coming back for more and more!? If it were easy it'd get boring. And everyone would be doing it. I love EXCITING and doing things of the few, not of the many. So, hey, I'm going to jump in the water and do it anyway! Besides, most of the FEAR dissolves when I start swimming.

VISUALIZE SUCCESS. The distance is already done. Imagine yourself smooth and calm in the water, fierce and strong on the bike, light and fast on your feet, and finishing with head and arms held high. Stay positive and keep a good attitude.

Being nervous for a race is totally normal. I think it shows that we are passionate about what we're doing and we've worked hard to toe that line. Use this nervousness to KICK SOME ASS.

Here's a special wish of good luck to my athletes:
Kristen at Goosepond 70.3, Pamela at Brett Robinson Oly, and Molly at the ATL half marathon
And to a few other friends racing:
Onnie and Jack at Goosepond and Gini at world's + all my friends doing various other races and events across the nation. HAVE FUN and ROCK IT!

One of my good friends (and athletes) always tells me, "I don't trust a skinny cook or a slow coach..."
Ready or Not... RACE TIME!