If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!



Have you signed up for the Rhino Run yet!? I'm so excited that it's finally here (well, Saturday night...). You can still register HERE (t-shirts are limited). You can also donate or run virtual (just put DONATION or VIRTUAL where it asks 'How did you hear about us?').

We have 70 pre-registered and I'm expecting that to double for race day.
My friends in South Africa are super pumped too! Let's take a look at their numbers.
Bloem: 32
Cape Town: 409
Dbn: 286
EL: 36 + 7 in-store
Gauteng: 277
Kenton: 114 + 50 school entries + some more school entries to be confirmed
PE: 454 + approx 40 more school entries


We don't want you to forget the reasons behind the Rhino Run...
Stats as of yesterday indicate that 790 rhino have been poached already in 2014. We're well on the way to topping 2013's figure of over 1000. Please educate yourself on spreading awareness to end poaching. The rhino's are running out of town. 

From our friend Sheena in South Africa, "We are passionate about this cause (and you must be too, which is why you are a part of it). We need to convey that passion and urgency. People begin to experience donor fatigue, and the rhino war sometimes looks as though it's being lost. But if everyone does just something, we CAN make a difference.

It's when we become numb and apathetic that the war is lost. Please implore people to remain aware and concerned and involved. Are we really going to allow the iconic rhino to become extinct in our lifetime? I can't even conceive that happening. There was that wonderful story last week about the 3 SA women in Kruger National Park who noticed suspicious behaviour in another car, followed them and reported it, and 4 poachers were arrested. Normal people can make a difference - they saved a rhino's life!

I know I'm rambling a bit (lol) but I really ask that you ensure that people know why they are running on Sunday. They will be running together with 2000 other people across South Africa. The American Rhino Run is happening at midnight their time so they will be running WITH us. Sian will be running with a group in Malta. There's a girl in New Zealand who will be doing her bit, and is working on a Rhino Run in Auckland for 2015. A man in Hong Kong who donated R1000 for his right to run with us. A woman on the Isle of Mann. A man in England who really wants to start a UK Rhino Run. Single individuals and small groups from around the world are starting to pay attention. We are not alone (I've copied them in this email as a way of including them too).

Another great thing to mention would be about Thandi, our unofficial mascot, and the inspiration behind the Rhino Run - she's pregnant. Her calf is due in December - a real success story about a rhino who didn't give up - why should we?

Please also make mention of our beneficiaries - each of these puts funds in places where they are needed - to practical purpose. OSCAP, the Chipembere Rhino Foundation, and Forever Wild: The Rhino Project. Encourage your runners to go and like their pages, check their websites etc."

The passion behind the Rhino Run gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes. I'm beside myself to be a part of such enormity. We are changing the world my friends!!

We have a great event planned Saturday night but please remember this is about the rhino's.

If you are racing, check out some more details here:
We race on Saturday 11:59pm (actually midnight...this collaborates with our friends in SA). I will be onsite setting up between 4-7pm. You can arrive when ever you want (before 11:30pm anyway) for your race bib and t. THANK YOU for pre-registering!! You are welcome to camp, there's no fee at the Airey Camp. Bonus! You are at your own risk and obligated to follow campground rules.

A light is mandatory - a headlamp, flashlight, or equivalent. Trust me, you WANT to see where you're going. The trail isn't technical, but in the dark, what ISN'T technical?! ;)
There will be chemlights along the course but not bright enough to see without a light.
I'd also like you to bring a whistle or run with a buddy. SAFETY FIRST!!
And wear reflective gear.

There will be a water jug and cups at each distance (approximate) 1/2 way point (1.5 miles, 4.5 miles, and 6.5 miles) so plan accordingly. There will be an EMT onsite just in case too. There will probably NOT be any volunteers ON the course unless I have an over abundance of volunteers so please please please, carry a whistle, have your phone, or run with a buddy. PLEASE!


There will be finisher's medals for every distance. So...about those...we are definitely winning the SMALLEST bling EVER award... They are cute!! And by cute, I mean tiny. But they were partially donated to defer cost thus maximizing our donation so we can't complain! I suggest putting it on your keychain and continuing to help spread awareness for the rhino's or carry it around in your pocket ~a small token for a HUGE cause...

There will be an overall male and female award for each distance. And who knows what other surprises will pop up from now to then... Beer and pizza (and I'm certain s'mores will find their way too) will be there for after the race so I hope you'll hang out for a little while and enjoy the after party!
Again, I appreciate all the support!!

Directions: take Hwy 49 north to Saucier; take Old MS 67 east to four way stop; go north approximately 3 miles on County Rd 412 (Airey Tower Road). Campground is on the right, trail head is just north of the camp on the left.
Parking: at the camp or along the side of Airey Tower Road. Carpool as much as possible please!!

If you are virtually running please post your picture of your race finish on the FB event page (or my page) and give me until Monday to get your goodies in the mail. If you just donated for a t, again, give me until Monday to get it out.

Any questions, HERE I AM!! :D