If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Kentwood Springs Water

Did you know that Kentwood is one of my favorite sponsors!?

Okay, so here's what's the COOLEST about Kentwood and their team here in Gulfport. They are ALLLLLL about giving back to our community and THAT'S what I'm all about! They support TONS of local events (from fitness and education initiatives) to providing bottle water during emergencies and natural disasters. It's so true!! They even hold the International Bottled Water Association award for "Excellence in Manufacturing".  They are pretty much a big deal in the water world.

Okay, so here's their gig...
They provide home & office water products ~DELIVERY!
Coffee & tea service ~think office wake up call!
Water filtration equipment ~so fresh and so clean clean! 
AND, they offer delivery of Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew, Arnold Palmer®, AriZona® Tea, Crystal Light® On The Go packs and Sqwincher® drink mixes and pops, as well as many other delicious hot and cold beverages ~if you're not in by now, you're wrong!

Kentwood Springs has got it going on!
We love having their service at Run-N-Tri Company.
I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE their water.
Tri Our Adventure loves their water AND their amazing support.
And the people that work there? Friendly. Professional. Helpful. Awesome!

There's not a single reason why Kentwood Springs shouldn't be your go to for home & office refreshment.
Check them out HERE.
Or call them at 800-201-6218 to schedule service.