If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Are You This Runner?


I sure am!
This is pretty much what I look like, carry, wear, have, etc for every single run.
On one hand, I'm such a runner dork. But on the other... I know exactly what works for me so why change it !?

A visor is a must. I can't even imagine running without one. Even if on the treadmill, I'm sporting a Run-N-Tri, Ironman, Ticking Tri Bomb (tri team) or race visor.

Yurbuds are absolutely the best earbuds ever made. They have different sizes ~to fit my unusually small ear holes; and they don't fall out! Guaranteed.

Moving Comfort sports bras are the most supportive comfortable bra eva! I used to think it didn't matter for those of us with...errr...let's just be frank, tiny tots!! ~I mean, they're not bouncing or hurting!! until I put on a Moving Comfort. Holy smokes, your sports bra DOES matter. And these are made for large, small, medium, and everyone in between!

Garmin 910XT. This is such a bad ass watch. I feel naked without my watch. And besides, your run doesn't count if it's not on Garmin, right??!!

Flipbelt - again, great invention! I put my cell phone (in a baggie) in this baby and some nutrition for long runs. It doesn't bounce. It doesn't even move. And it holds the pooch in nice and tight...

Nike shorts - shorts are shorts I suppose - as long as they fit and are comfortable. I don't like the kind that ride up into my crotch. Ugh.  Hate seeing crotch eating shorts or even worse - girls picking their shorts OUT of their crotch. These stay right where I put them.

CEP Compression. Some people claim it's in my head, I claim my legs just feel better with them on. 3 miles or 30 miles, I'm wearing compression.

Zoots. I have tried every running shoe out there and these are the only ones that don't hurt my feet. I wear them for every distance. No socks. No issues. I <3 <3 <3 my ZOOTS!!!! Besides, they're my pretend sponsor!!

Amphipod handheld water bottle - I never leave home without it. Hydration is KEY to survival ;)

You'll always find me in something PINK and/or BRIGHT and yeah, probably, definitely, more than likely, PINK. Bright pink. In pink with pink. With brightness and pinkness going on...

I'm okay with being this runner. I'm comfortable and I feel good. That's what counts, YES!

What are YOUR must have, must wear, must carry "THINGS" for a run???