If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

mini sprint reverse tri


I feel like today needs its own special post.

After a swim focus week for us all, I decided to motivate a few of my athletes with a reverse mini tri. We met up in Bay St. Louis first thing this morning to knock out a 30 minute run (3 miles), 45 minute bike (15 miles), and 30 minute swim in the Gulf (went a little less than 30 for 1/2 mile).

Changing it up sometimes and doing something different remotivates us. It gives us a new perspective and feel for each triathlon discipline. It even kind of makes you realize what you need to work on next (as far as your strengths and weaknesses in each discipline). Also, the water felt refreshing and soft (although super choppy and rough this morning!!) after a hot run and bike...

Thoughts from my athletes:
"Ya know, we should really do one of these."
Me, "We just did!" ;) ha ha
But I knew what she meant...we should host one - with real awards and routes and stuff. I like stuff.

"I think it was fun and different and should def do it again!! I think it offered different energy levels for each sport than what you would typically be used to. Good training tactic and swim last would have been refreshing (except for how challenging that particular one was)..."

"I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment that I could switch things up and still feel successful. I definitely had a lot of fun this morning and enjoyed the change of 'scenery' by reversing things! I thoroughly enjoyed getting the run done first and early in this heat!!! My legs definitely felt the run when I got on the bike. My swim still felt strong, even after running and biking (and the 'washing machine affect' of the choppy waters). I'd definitely like to do it again!!!"

"It was a blast! Swim was rough, but you all were right about it, training in that will make it easier come Tri time. We should do that again!"
I wouldn't recommend doing a reverse tri any longer distance than MINI. The reason for the order (swim bike run) in a triathlon is SAFETY and EFFICIENCY. An exhausted athlete off a run and bike has no business jumping in water for a swim. The order of a triathlon allows for smooth transition and less threat (cramping, exhaustion, etc).

I DO recommend going to breakfast after said mini sprint reverse tri... The Mockingbird Cafe (TOOK FOREVER) but was super yummy!!! The Goddess Scramble had our names written all over it. And that giant chocolate muffin with a hint of espresso was nom nom nom...


Thanks for joining us for the swim and breakfast Peggy!! (pictured left)